Gift Guide: Subscription Services for Moms

I love the holidays, but I also find holiday shopping to be stressful. Most of us have a few people on our list who are hard to choose gifts for – I know I do!

Gift Guide: Subscription Services for Moms

One way to make your life easier is to give monthly subscription services as gifts. So I thought I’d share a few ideas of subscription service gifts any mom would love!

What holiday gift are you hoping to give or receive this year? Do you get your grocery items online? Comment below for a chance to win a yummy prize!

Wine Subscriptions — If you know someone who enjoys a nice glass of Pinot at the end of a long day, this is a no brainer. There are a ton of different services — I personally have used the Wall Street Journal Wine Club with my siblings as a group gift for my parents. You can pick red or white for your cases and you can also freeze a shipment if you want to make the gift last even longer!

Coffee of the Month — Perhaps even more than wine, moms need that caffeine! This kind of subscription is a good way to give someone a chance to branch out and try some different roasts. I’m eternally and hopelessly devoted to my Dunkin Donuts’ coffee, but even I would enjoy experimenting with some new flavors and I love the smell of good, fresh coffee beans.

Beauty Subscriptions — Most moms would love to try out some new beauty products, and there are companies that will send monthly boxes of everything from cosmetics to bath products, many also offer coupons for discounted purchases of sample products on their site. Here are some great ideas I saw on 

  • Birchbox — Beauty samples for as little as $10 a month.
  • MyGlam — Try different samples and get discounts on any full-sized items you choose to buy.

Food — There are a lot of great food of the month clubs, for cheese or meats or other foods. And we have to include our partner Love With Food. Their sample food bites are delicious and things you might never otherwise try, plus they donate  a meal to someone in need for every box purchased!

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  • sharon

    I wish there was a subscription to a jewelry store! Who wouldn’t want something shiny every month? Just Kidding!! I do like the idea for the wine of the month club….I just might ask for that. Thanks for the idea.

  • Elizabeth

    Flower subscriptions are great too! My siblings and I haven given our mom flower subscriptions from The cost is very reasonable as a joint gift. has more elaborate arrangements (and higher prices). has exquisite arrangements at varying price levels, for delivery in select cities (NYC, Chicago, DC, Dallas, and SF). When they expand into Houston, I’m going to drop not so subtle hints to my husband…

  • Megan

    This is my favorite time of year!

  • Sam

    For the month of December, I ordered a couple more subscription boxes for myself because they’ve become addicting! Hah. Other than that the one thing I’m wanting this year is a DSLR camera, more specifically, a Canon Rebel EOS T3. I doubt I’ll get it though, sadly.

  • Jackie Kalney

    I want a vacation for Christmas!

  • Felisa

    It’s my 1 yr old son’s first “real” Christmas. So, I’m just hoping to give him some fun toys and have fun myself watching him 🙂

  • Oanh

    I think giving baked treats like cookies and brownies are fun and more thoughtful gift to give to co-workers.

    • I remember one woman my dad worked with giving us the same gumdrop cookies every year and we looked forward to them all year!

  • Julie Adams

    I adore Love with Food and am going to be giving subscriptions to family members this year. I would love to receive a coffee subscription box!

  • sandsa

    I am hoping to received cash gifts so we can buy more things for our house remodeling!

  • Jennifer Lopez

    I’m actually doing something new this year and gifting each person with a different subscription box this year. Mystery tackle box for my son who LOVES fishing, Love with Food for my brother, Popsugar Must Haves for my sister, Popsugar Luxury Box for Him for my husband, Sampler Village Box for my mom and Bugsys Box for my dad and Glossybox for my sound girlfriend. So excited cant wait to see their box reveals!

  • LaSHonda W

    I would love to give the beauty subscriptions. I believe Love with food would be an awesome gift to receive. Thanks

    • it is really a fun gift, I know, I love those beauty products too!

  • Tina

    My husband and I usually bypass each other come Christmas time (he usually cheats) so this year, I asked him for a Boba or Ergo. The carrier I have kills my back, plus we may just have another (#4) on the way 🙂

  • Kathy

    I love these ideas! I never thought about a coffee subscription and i loved the other comment about a fishing (i think it was a tackle one)
    Personally I am wanting a lens for my camera…I LOVE taking pictures and I am hoping that I will get something handmade. I love giving the grandparents something for Christmas that my kds have made

  • emma

    I love samples

  • Lauren Martin

    I am renewing my mom’s birch box subscription! She loves it and gets so excited when it arrives.

  • Jason

    I don’t care what I receive as long as it comes from the heart.

  • cewaye

    For those wishing for a jewelry subscription, try Little Black Bag. It’s costume jewelry, but still…something glittery. Plus you can trade to pick what you want. I’m not affiliated and have only seen it on the web, but it looks fun. As for what I’m looking for this holiday…I am not really exchanging gifts with many people. I just want to relax and enjoy time with my family.

  • Karen Medlin

    I am hoping to get a new Kitchen Mixer.