Getting the Right Immediate Health Care

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Hi everyone and welcome back to CloudMom. Not sure what happens in your family, but in mine, whenever we get hit with what we think to be an urgent health care problem, we head to the ER. Trouble is that oftentimes the ER is not the right place for us to be! So we end up waiting for hours at the ER only to be discharged with a huge bill we could have avoided.getting-the-right-immediate-health-careUnited Healthcare has a new engagement or game called Quick Care Quiz that walks us mamas and papas through exactly what our options are for the tricky health care situations we face with our kids. The game has two parts. One quizzes you on various quick care options such as a free nurse line, a virtual visit, your primary care physician (explaining what your primary physician does), convenience care clinics, urgent care centers, and of course, emergency care or the emergency room. Each of these centers specializes in different types of treatments for the different types of health care issues we families face. The game puts our knowledge to the test, making sure we know how to distinguish between these types of centers so that when we have to think fast, we can make the right choice.

smart-choices-for-careClick image above to view a super helpful infographic by United Healthcare! 

Part Two of the game quizzes you on the different costs of these centers so that you know what you’re looking at before rather than, as in our case, after you’ve been given a bill!

And here’s the fun part! Once you’ve completed the quiz — which you can take daily for the next month — enter your information and the promo code “cloudmom“. You’ll automatically be entered to win one of four $100 weekly prizes and one monthly $500 prize. Take the quiz here

quick-care-quizThen, pop on down below to win a $100 gift certificate to one of the following amazing online stores (just in time for the holidays): Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, American Airlines, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walgreens, Cabela’s, Target, and Crate and Barrel!

If your appetite for learning more about your family’s health care has been whetted, like mine, make sure to check out United Healthcare’s other activities or games. The Crossword Puzzle What’s the Word teaches you about Health Care terminology, and Are You a Health Plan Pro, will make you an expert on premiums vs out-of pocket costs.

Being a parent is all about getting the right information so that you can make the right choices for your family at the right times, and at the right cost. Don’t miss this chance to get educated on health care, one of the biggest issues your family your family health and peace this holiday season.


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  • cynthiac

    I consider health care a basic human right. We need to take care of people.

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    I hope there we be better healthcare in the future.

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    I believe good healthcare should be affordable to everyone regardless of their income.

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    Agreed! great post!

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    My fiancé and I both work in healthcare, so we navigate it pretty easily. There are so many things that I think the average patient does not get information about that could really help them.

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    healthcare should be affordable for everyone

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    It is nice that there is a fun way to learn about healthcare coverage.

    • Right? Love that it makes it fun!

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    I did not realize how uneducated I was about our healthcare plan and we have United Health Care!

    • I learned a few things too! Very helpful site! Thanks for checking it out!

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    I even work in healthcare, yet health insurance is still confusing!

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  • rosannepm

    The cost of health care is astronomical but we have the best care in the world. Ask all the people who travel from around the world to be seen @ Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson etc.

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    My health is important to me.

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    Thanks for doing this giveaway. One time I was in an accident and had to go to the er. Luckily nothing was really wrong but it cost me $40,000 for a couple hours. When they billed me I wrote them to tell them I had no money and asked to forgive the debt and I never heard any more about it.

    • So sorry about your accident! TY for entering!

  • I took the quiz and realized that we have spent a lot on our family’s healthcare this year!

    • It’s definitely an eye opening quiz! Very helpful!