Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

Hello Mamas!

This is a problem many women, including me, have had to deal with for many, many generations. We all know the importance of feeding your kids healthy and nutritious foods, such as vegetables. However, kids would much rather just reach for the ice cream than for the broccoli or spinach! Watch my video for more on how I get my kids to eat vegetables.

Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

Healthy foods for kids

If you want to raise healthy kids, they’ll need their veggies. Kids eating vegetables can be challenging at first – but don’t give up! I found getting kids to eat vegetables is easier when I limit their dessert privileges. With 5 children, I definitely have a few tricks up my sleeve that have worked in the past, as well as healthy kid-friendly recipes. What to see what they are!

How do you get your kids to eat veggies? Please leave your comments below – any advice is welcome!

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