Fun Easy Crafts for Kids: Paper Wallets

What Mom isn’t on the lookout for fun and easy crafts for kids that can be done by the kiddies on their own?  To me, easy kids crafts means no instructions, and no slaving away with glue, glitter and other other complex elements!  If you’re not the crafty type, like me, read on …

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This past Monday we were still on “Spring Break” (love that term, what artful person coined that?) and thankfully, the kids figured out one of their best crafts yet — I had almost nothing to do with it.  With colored paper, tape, glue and scissors on the kitchen table, my little crafters went to town creating paper wallets and money.  Now, if you are seriously anti-materialist, you might have an issue with this activity because the reason the kids got SO into it is that they loved the notion that they could create infinite amounts of money for themselves.  But it’s just play, right?

How to Make a Paper Wallet

Crafting your own paper wallet is not tricky.  Just take colored paper, cut to you preferred size, fold it over and use generous amounts of tape.  All the scrap paper becomes coins and bills which you can see in the background here.  Who said money and wallets can’t be pink?

Kids and Paper Wallets

One nice thing about paper wallets is that you can write your name on them — why didn’t we adults think of that?

Kids and Paper Wallets

And it’s fun to see just how much money you can stuff inside — paper is a lot more flexible and welcoming than leather!

how to make a paper wallet

Annaliese paper wallets

Beckett opted for the sunny yellow look, his color du jour.

Kids and Paper Wallets

He made his wallet nice and wide — all the more room inside.

Kids and Paper Wall

And it got nice and full in no time.  “Mommy, look how much money I have!,” he exclaimed!

Kids and Paper Wallets

And that my friends is enough to put a smile on any child’s face — and here’s the best part, Mommy got about two hours off!  The only work I did was to pop in and help Annaliese write her name and and take these photos.

how to make a paper wallet

Who knew making money nor making a paper wallet could be this easy.  A happy morning for all of us!

What easy crafts for kids at home do you like to do? Please comment below and share as I love new ideas!

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