Melissa’s Friday Favorites #14

Friday Finds 15

1. Happy Santa Lucia Day, everyone!  On this day, the iconic Santa Lucia brings songs, these yummy buns, and hot chocolate to her family members.  I’ll be parading around with my girls and my mom wearing antique family robes at the girls’ school this morning.  Check out Pinterest for the pictures! A festival full of songs, light and cheer, Santa Lucia is the first of the Swedish Christmas traditions-many of which involve baking and a cozy home!

swedish christmas food


2. This classic children’s Christmas story tells the tale of a lost mitten that grows into a cozy home for a whole group of animals.  I’ve been reading a quaint old version lately to my daughter, Marielle. And what do you know–I came across this gorgeous picture book and now it’s one of her Christmas gifts! I think you’ll love it, too.

The Mitten Children's Book


3.Take a look at these pretty little DIY Christmas trees! These would be fun, cute kids activities that would be  “keepers” for other holiday seasons to come.  How fun would it be to make a little village or put them around a nativity scene? I love how bright and cheery they are, and I think they’d make a fun centerpiece, as well–especially on a kids table!

Christmas activities for kids tree decor


4. For those shopping around for winter-friendly, chic pregnancy style, how retro and fun would this peacoat be paired with a light-colored bag and a funky, stretchy jersey? I also love the long necklace that dangles over the baby bump, and it really adds to the light-and-dark theme of the outfit.  Also, I think this is a great example of maternity clothes for NYC and other urban areas, but it would also work for any town with colder weather! This is so elegant and neutral, so you could play it up with accessories and get a lot of use out of this outfit!

chic maternity winter clothes


5. Lately everyone is talking about Science Technology Engineering and Math for girls (STEM) and the experts are telling us to start young.  So, the whole “buy the boys Legos, and the girls Barbies” notion seems to be less wise!  The best learning toy in my book is one that’s fun, yet doesn’t seem like work to your child. How perfect is this toy, which allows the player to design her own construction set to get the dog to chase its tail?  An elegant marriage of toys and learning, my own girls have this on their Christmas lists (even though they don’t know it yet). Even I’m excited to play with it!

goldiebox for kids


Is there anything I missed?  Seen something fabulous or maybe you shared a project on your blog and you want a shout out?  Let me know in the comments or share it with me on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest, or Google+.