Free Online Safety Resource for Families

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Let’s face it. Being a parent these days in scary stuff. Get past the era of diapers, burping and swaddling, and you’re worried about your baby’s safety in the home. Soon thereafter, your child walks and talks and intuitively knows how to run his forefinger across an iPad screen. It happens all too fast, and we parents frequently stand there by the sidelines scratching our heads and wondering, “How on Earth do I raise a happy, healthy child in this new high-tech world?”

Online Safety Resource for Parentsfree online safety resource for families

Committed to helping parents raise responsible digital natives, Family Safety Resource provides a plethora of practical materials that address the tricky issues we parents face in the digital age. Out of their deep concern for the cyber safety of this new digital generation, Family Safety Resource has now partnered with the Child Safe Kit® to offer a collection of valuable resources for parents. The FREE kit’s components help you keep your child safe now and into the future.cyber safety info for parentsHere’s a list of the Child Safe Kit‘s helpful sections:

  • Safety Guide for Babies & Kids — with important safety tools and guidelines for babies, toddlers and kids
  • Digital Safety Guide for Teens — a detailed digital guide for teens living on the Web
  • Child Safe Profile & DNA Kit — to help record your child’s important medical information including DNA information
  • Smartphone Contract — a template for parents and children, so that we get on the same page and ensure that technology enhances rather than dominates our children’s lives

child safe kit

Knowledge is power and information reassures us that we are making the right choices. Get up to speed on all you need to do through this wonderful free kit. You’ll be happy — and so relieved — that you did.


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