Four Things Not to Say on Date Night

I read a blog on BabyCenter recently about a dad who ditched date night with his wife to hang out with their daughters. Now that sounds like a good excuse to me, but date nights CAN be hard to schedule. When you’re on a date night for married couples, you want the focus to be on romance and your relationship! To that end, be sure to avoid these four topics of conversation which are guaranteed to kill the mood.  Hope you enjoy these date night tips for a “parents’ night out”!

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What to Talk about on a Date

It’s been so long since you’ve first met that you might think you need to relearn how to date your husband! Not so, as long as this situation doesn’t seem familiar…Picture this. You’ve booked a reservation with your hubby at the fancy Italian restaurant you’ve been dying to try for ages. You’re totally rocking the dress he gifted you on Valentine’s and even had some time after dropping the kids off from school today to get a mani/pedi. The waiter is pouring you and your husband (who is looking absolutely adorable today) a glass of wine when the words “Honey, the kids’ report cards came in today” spill out of your mouth. Uh-oh.

Kiddy Status: Don’t bring up how your kids are doing in school, sports, or other extra curriculars. This will totally pull you away from the romance of the evening and get you both worked up about whether or not your children are working hard and being successful. This is a surefire way to spiral into a stressful night, especially when you’re out and away from them (for maybe the first time since their birth!)

To-Do Lists: This is definitely not the time to nag your spouse about fixing the sink or filling out paperwork for something or other. Again, there’s nothing you can do about it now while enjoying dinner and this will only stress you out and totally put a damper on your evening!

Little things: So what if he was taking a nap while you were in charge of putting the kids to bed last weekend? What’s done is done. Let it go. Another surefire way to kill any romance during the evening.

Money: If the credit card bill just came in the mail, whatever you do, don’t bring it up! Tonight is your night to enjoy with your hubby!

Get a little spruced up, enjoy staring into each other’s eyes, just like the good old days of dating.

What do you make sure not to discuss on a night out? I would love to hear from you!

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