Foods For Picky Eaters

Hi everybody!  One of the most frustrating things for well-meaning parents can be dealing with children who are picky eaters and refuse to try new foods. I’ve been there!  Despite your best intentions, the dynamic can easily become a power struggle. I’ve been through this with one or two of my kids, and the more I pushed, the less they ate.  I knew that I had to change strategies.

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Healthy Meals for Picky Eaters

In my house, our meals are by and large healthy.  We opt for brown rice, whole grain bread, vegetables, lean meats, soups and milk and fruit after each meal.  I’ve also been trying lately to introduce salads (not to great applause!) and other new things. But where I do think I have gone wrong is in not providing for enough variety.  So when we do venture out of the house to friends or for a dinner out, my kids often shrink away from trying anything new!  So to me, the old mantra when it comes to food for picky eaters remains true: introduce, introduce, introduce… as difficult as this may seem, the more exposure, the more likely that your picky eaters will venture out of their comfort zone.  They make it hard for you by fussing but eventually, the new food will lose it’s suspiciousness and they might just go for it.

Watch my vlog for more of where we’ve gone right and wrong, and please share ideas and recipes for picky eaters that have worked for you!