Five Fun Mother’s Day Activities for Mom!

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Melissa, here, with a new post on Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is next Sunday May 8th, so it’s time to start getting your hubby thinking about what to get you (hah!). If you’ve been following me on my blog, you’ll know that I am the lucky mother of five wonderful kiddies. As much as I love each and every one of them, having five kids can be a lot to handle. Being a mom is definitely a 24/7 job. So I’ve come up with some fun and easy ways to celebrate moms this year. Get out of the daily routine with these relaxing activities on Mother’s Day!

Five Fun Mother's Day Activities for Mom

Mother’s Day Activities Ideas for Adults

  1. Treat yourself: Since you’re the star of the show, it’s definitely OK to ask a few favors of your family on such an occasion. Some easy ways to pamper yourself at home can include soaking in the tub for a half hour, curling up in bed with a good book, or sleeping in while your husband makes breakfast and gets the kids ready for the day. Clear it with your family a few days in advance so they know not to disturb you!
    Taking-care-of-yourself as a mom
  2. Get outside: May is such a beautiful month in our area, especially after dreary, rainy April. And you know what they say about April showers? Head out with your family for a walk in nature to admire those glorious May flowers. Or better yet, plant your own! I admit, I don’t have the biggest green thumb, but for those who love gardening, it’s a great way to get the whole family involved. And don’t worry if it gets a little messy in the dirt, that’s all part of the memory-making.
  3. Plan a “vacation”: Notice the quotation marks? Since most of us aren’t in the situation of being able to take a weekend trip to our favorite vacation destination, why not bring the vacation to your house? Let’s say you’ve always wanted to go to France. Bring a bit of the country to your day by ordering croissants for breakfast and a quiche for lunch. Add some accordion music and a nice bottle of French wine for you and your hubby to share, and you’re almost in the real place! Hey, we can always dream, right? If anything, it’s a memorable way to celebrate the day. Even better, give your family the theme a week or so in advance and see how creative they can get planning your “vacation” day!
  4. Connect: And since we’re celebrating motherhood, that means ALL mothers. Take some time out of the day to recognize your own mother, your best girl friends, and yes, even your mother-in-law. Nothing made me happier last year than catching up with an old friend over the phone. I hadn’t talked to her in a while and it was so nice to catch up and share stories of our kids! It was a great way to celebrate moms and made me happy the whole day.
  5. Free gifts: As much as I love receiving gifts from my kiddies (I’ll put up another post on some cute Mother’s Day activity ideas for kids!), gifts that don’t cost a thing are just as welcome. Take some time for plenty of hugs and kisses and snuggles from all of your kiddies and your hubby today! Love is a gift that just keeps giving, and today is a perfect day for some extra love. You’ll be feeling happy and care-free in no time, just spending quality time with your family!

Have any more Mother’s Day activity ideas? If you have any suggestions for activities or Mother’s Day gift ideas, please share below. I love hearing from you!