Fitness Blogger’s Post Baby Body Selfie Ignites Controversy

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Norwegian new mom and fitness blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen, who recently posted a photo of herself in a bra and panties with a flat stomach on Instagram to her 245,000 followers four days after giving birth with the caption “feeling quite empty” has stirred up a huge controversy online.  The photo is at the center of a major online body image controversy with bloggers, news outlets, body image experts, and social-media commentators weighing in, many furious with the unhealthy example this sets for new moms.

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Where’s The Baby Bump?

I give my two cents in today’s video.  To start: Caroline, you clearly look good.  But that’s sort of the point, right?  It is so incredibly rare for a new mom to look like this only four days post-partum.  I’m guessing your baby was small, came early, or that you are tall and spread out the bump!  Just a hunch.  Irregardless, this kind of post baby body is a rare exception to the general rule that it takes a belly time to shrink down after birth.

And therein lies the issue, which I explain in greater depth in my vlog.  With a four day old baby, doctor’s orders are for mom to stay home, rest, not exercise and not diet!  So what sort of message does this send to women who are following this healthy advice and being healthy who don’t look like this?

I for one think Kate Middleton showed herself to be much more responsible role model for new moms when she left the hospital sporting a respectable baby bump, telling folks everywhere “this is how a mom looks when she’s given birth and she has yet to begin losing pregnancy weight.”  

Watch my video for more and weigh in – do you think this blogger mom was insensitive and reckless in posting that post baby body photo?

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  • I alreafy feel lousy about my post baby body, im doing my best to lose it whilst also looking after baby. This does mot help mums like me at all, infact it could gr7ng on feelings of depression for some,

    • hang in there, it takes time… get your rest and try to eat healthy and start to walk when you can, it will come!

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  • Wendy Browne

    Instead of worrying about the message she’s sending, maybe we should follow the popular meme that every body is a beautiful body and just accept that she is in great shape? Someone else being in better shape or richer or prettier or smarter shouldn’t immediately give us license to feel put out, we should recognize that we are not always in competition with other women. This woman happens to have a life dedicated to fitness 24/7, to condemn her because 99.9% of us do not have this lifestyle makes no sense fairness-wise.