First Day in Paris!

Hello, hello, hello … this is my first video in over two weeks and I am very sorry! We’re at stage 2 of our summer adventure and as exciting as it’s all been, Mommy has been scrambling to get us all settled. Finding time for work has been impossible! Anyway, drumroll please, here is the first video I filmed upon our arrival in beautiful, rainy Paris. I’m playing catch up this week and trying to get up the videos I filmed when we first got here (thus the reference to the World Cup!).

First Day in Paris!Pin for later!

Rainy Paris with Kids

Paris in the rain is gorgeous but doesn’t make it easy for parents of young kids! Especially when they are rowdy and tired. Fortunately, my friend Isabelle sent over her daughter Elizabeth and that allowed me to leave the girls at home for a much needed nap. Marielle had begun to collapse into fits and tantrums and I knew another day out and about trekking around (especially with it raining in Paris) would not make for a smooth time for anyone. So you won’t see the girls in the video, but you will see the boys.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.. it's about learning to dance in the rain.Like it? Pin it!

Here we visit the Cluny Museum, grab lunch, and end up at a bar — yup! Watch more to see whether you think I handled the day well, and to see the revealing question I asked the boys at the end of the video and their responses!

Thanks for watching and a bientôt!