Finding Quality Time for Each of My 5 Kids

One of my biggest challenges when it comes to raising kids is, as a busy mom,  trying to find quality one-on-one time with each child!  In my house, we’re so caught up in the craziness of just managing to get through the day and keep everyone fed and occupied and where they need to be, that sometimes days have gone by and I realize I haven’t had that quality time alone with my kids.  It’s totally bizarre because I’m with them and yet sometimes I almost miss them… having one to myself is like a delicious yummy and rare treat!

Finding Quality Time for Each of My 5 KidsPin for later!

In this vlog, I talk about some of the things that are helping me find ways to get this quality time with kids.  Do you struggle with this and if so, how do you handle it?  Tell me below in the comments because I am always looking for new tricks here!

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