Finding Girls and Boys Wedding Clothes!

Bonjour! One of the main reasons compelling me to take on this massive family adventure this summer was the wedding of a good friend of mine, Ana. Ana got married in the Loire Valley weekend before last and today’s video is about how I managed to outfit my five American kids for a French wedding!

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I have to give most of the credit to one of my besties, Tamela, who is my go-to resource in the fashion department. Panicked, I called up Tamela in May and said “what on Earth am I going to do for the boy’s wedding clothes… they are not going to wear any fancy shorts.” Suits were out of the question because of the heat (and lack of air conditioning). Tamela suggested sear sucker from Lands End and that was a slam dunk. I found pants, a tie and a belt for each boy for around $40 and matched those items with a sear sucker $14 Old Navy shirt. Even though I wasn’t entirely sure whether this would add up to the right boys wedding clothes for the occasion, the outfits were whimsical, fun and festive.

If you’ve been to a wedding recently, what sort of kid’s wedding attire did you come up with? Share below!

For my girl’s wedding dresses, because I always buy big, I fished out their dresses from Lachlan’s First Communion a year ago and they transformed nicely into girls wedding dresses because of the full skirts. Since it was cold and rainy, I added a pink cardigan. Their hair bows did not stay in because the barrettes were too large, but that made for a sort of casual, country look. Voila!

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My outfit included an old hat of my Mom’s and some earrings I picked up at Club Monaco. Not bad for this American Mommy!

Watch today’s video for more on our attire and a glimpse of the beautiful French countryside. To preserve the privacy of the bride and groom, I did not include photos of them nor the ceremony or guests.

If you’ve been to a wedding recently with your kids and found some good fashion solutions, please share below!

Oh, and thanks for watching CloudMom.

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