Faux Fur Vest with a Dress

Hi there mamas. Lately, I’ve been falling into a fashion rut. After running around in the early morning like a mad-woman clad in baggy flannel pajamas and furry slippers (from our apartment to the bus stop), I usually manage to pull on some yoga pants and a turtleneck sweater, my hair in a pony-tail and face bare of makeup. I’m comfortable but feeling sort of yucky. And if there is no major engagement on my calendar (i.e. a kids’ basketball game or doctor’s appointment) thus clad I remain. ALL. DAY. LONG.

OK so although easy, this fashion routine can get me feeling sort of glum. It’s also not great for our weekly posts here on Cloudmom.

Yesterday, I bid adieu to my athletic-comfort wear and threw on a fun dress I love from earlier this season from JCrew, some taupe-colored tights, my new JCrew winter boots with red laces, and a five-year-old faux fur vest from Zara that I have worn, hmmm…, 200 times!

Off I went, feeling better for the rest of the day.

How to Wear a Faux Fur Vest

Faux fur vests have been in for a while now. They’re such a great little accent to any outfit. You can pop one on over a long blouse, a turtleneck, and, as you see in this week’s post, a dress! This cotton JCrew dress is a little light for February in New York City so the fur adds some needed warmth.how to wear a faux fur vestLike my girls, I’m a tights-fanatic. I love colored tights, neutral tights, opaque tights, and fish-net stockings. The taupe-colored tights were purchase in Paris about a decade ago and have never gotten a hole nor a rune. Something old, something new.

Got any style tips on how to wear a fur vest? Comment below and enter our Zara giveaway!faux fur vest with a dressMarc wasn’t around so I had to ask my pal Neemisha to take these photos in our lobby. Thanks, Neemisha!style tips on how to wear a fur vestThis faux fur vest outfit took me from Lachlan’s basketball game (which they lost after a valiant effort) to a doctor’s appointment, to an evening home with the kids.

No matter what you are doing, make sure you feel good. That often requires looking good. Put on something nice, try a new color, make a change to your hair. Life is often about the effort we put into little things. If these little things change our mood and spirit, they become important.

Some think fashion is frivolous but I think it serves a crucial purpose: making people feel good. What do y’all think?

Thanks for reading and check back in soon for another fashion post.



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