Family Dinners: Salads for Kids

Hello, hello! Melissa from CloudMom here!

It’s official…my family is in a food rut! We eat the same meals over and over, sometimes even on the same nights of the week! I’m guessing I’m not the only busy mom who has this problem, so I’m going to do some videos with simple solutions to shake up your meals. And today we’re starting with salads.

Family Dinners: Salads for Kids

Salads for Kids

This healthy family dinner idea will really shake up mealtime! Just adding new types of lettuce or a new dressing can really spice up that bland, boring salad. Having fun with different adornments, such as nuts, fruit, or veggies can make you the next Rachel Ray of your kitchen! What are your favorites? Watch for more family dinner ideas on my Mommy Vlog!

Can you relate to this? What are your secrets for mixing it up at mealtime?

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