Family Food Fix: BBQ with the Kids!

Hello Mamas!

I’ve always had this daydream of my whole family, kids included, working together to prepare a great meal.  The reality, though, usually involves groans and shrugs while I do all the work! We’ve all been there, right Mom? So here are some things that have worked for me and led my kiddies to actually want to get involved in making meals with me! Today’s edition: BBQ! Right in time for the hot weather.Family Food Fix: BBQ with the Kids!

BBQ Meals Kids Can Help Make

Sometimes the best way to get your children helping out around the house is to have a competition (still keeping it friendly!) against the other siblings! Have you ever tried a corn-husking competition? Well, we certainly have and it was a big, fun-filled, mess with all those white pieces flying all over the place. However, it did get the job done, and a lot faster than doing it by myself! Also, the kids were so happy to help out and feel important! And how about letting your kids make their own healthy hamburger patties? They can add all sorts of veggies, spices, and more! For more ideas on kid-friendly meals and BBQ recipes that can get everyone involved, watch my vlog!

Take a look and let me know what you do to get your kids involved in a BBQ or big family meal!

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