Parent’s Survival Guide to Dining Out with Kids

Hello Mamas!

I had the BEST experience recently eating dinner out a restaurant with all 5 of my kids and some family friends. I know, it sounds almost impossible, right? Five young kids at a restaurant? How did you manage to keep them from fussing and fighting!? I was also in absolute shock over the whole thing. So I decided to film a vlog about what made this MIRACLE possible!Parent's Survival Guide to Dining Out with Kids

Restaurants with Kids

If I were drafting a parent’s survival guide to eating out with the family, step #1 would be to give the kiddies a choice. And here’s the choice they get: you are welcome to come out to dinner and enjoy a meal with your family and be very well-behaved, or you can stay home. Now, notice how the behaving very well goes right along with going out to dinner! The two have to be inseparable when you give the kids a choice. Not surprisingly, this little trick worked wonders! My children were well-behaved the whole night! What a relief!

Here’s another awesome tip my friend Amanda gave me: call ahead and pre-order the food to avoid fussing and fighting between your kids as they wait in the restaurant, bored.

For more tips on eating in restaurants with your children based on our experience, watch today’s vlog!

Moms, what works for you when it comes to dining out with kids? Comment below!

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