Easy Crafts for Your Thanksgiving Table

Hello, hello!

What are you thankful for this year? This year, and every year, I’m thankful for my loving family! I’m also grateful for our beautiful home where we can have all of our friends and relatives over for Thanksgiving! And speaking of homes, let’s talk Thanksgiving décor! You don’t have to go crazy decorating your home for the holiday, but anytime you’re having guests over it’s nice to set a festive table. Watch this video for some EASY crafts you can do with the kids (if I can make these decorations, anyone can!).

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Here are the full instructions for these Fall crafts for kids in print form:

Thanksgiving turkey cups!Turkey Cups: So simple and a neat way to serve a Thanksgiving appetizer or candy. Take any simple clear cup. Cut a round circle for the turkey’s face, a triangle for the nose (upside down) and a little tongue — sticky eyes and you’re all set.  Stick different color leaves along the back and your turkey is ready to go.  These cups are fun because you can fill with candy or your child can even use as an actual cup during the big meal!

An easy Thanksgiving craft: the turkey hand print. Turkey Hand Print: This is so easy. Trace your child’s hand and foot on a piece of paper and cut out, and use these shapes to trace onto and cut out from different pieces of construction paper.  The kids will have so much fun doing this and it’s a great keepsake as well.  So much fun to have a cut-out for each year and to watch the hands and feet grow!

Hope you enjoyed these simple decorating ideas! Any other ideas to share? A Thanksgiving table setting? A Thanksgiving wreath? The possibilities are endless! Have fun getting crafty with your kids!