Embarrassing Mommy Moments: Lost Without A Tampon

After nursing and being pregnant for the better part of eight years, I completely forgot about one little lovely part of Mother Nature that all of us women must deal with – periods. Ugh! Can’t a girl catch a break?! I certainly wasn’t thinking about it when I decided to wear my new, perfect summer dress to the dentist not too long ago, and sure enough, Mother Nature paid me my monthly visit that day. And let me tell you, this was THE summer dress of 2012 which never had a spot in my maternity wardrobe. So here’s my embarrassing mommy moment:

Embarrassing Mommy Moments: Lost Without A Tampon

What do you do when Mother Nature strikes?

So there I was, at the dentist with four of my kids in tow. As I’m hustling them around, the receptionist quietly tells me that I have blood stains on the back of my dress. Cue panic. I run into the bathroom to stuff wads of toilet paper up my dress, praying that no one would take notice. As I’m walking, I pull up the side of my dress to hide the undeniable evidence, looking like I came straight out of the musical, “Oklahoma!” As I’m walking with my children, they begin to question and criticize me heavily. “Why do you have a stain on your dress? You don’t need a bib.” “Why are you pulling your dress up like that? It’s not polite to do that in public.” Mind racing, and with the stare of my 8-year-old son upon me, I’m trying to decide what to do about the situation. Do I tell them? Do I not tell them? Is there a rock nearby that I can hide under?

To add insult to injury, I had to endure a 15-minute walk of shame from the dentist back to my home. In true embarrassing period story fashion, I also completely forgot about the liner attached underneath my dress, which was ALSO stained. I can’t even begin to think of how many people watched me as I marched back to my house, my period stains on full display as if they were battle wounds.

Needless to say, I learned a valuable lesson that day which I think all mommies can appreciate: as soon as you give birth to your baby. Throw a few tampons and pads into your purse because you never know when Mother Nature is going to show up. Want to hear more about my mortifying tale? Make sure you check out my video, and then spare me some embarrassment by sharing your own stories in the comments section!