DIY Easy Valentine’s Day Cards

Sometimes, my family’s versions of easy children’s crafts are SO easy that I get embarrassed and think they’re not worth posting on the site.  Then, I remember I’m not aiming to make you guys go gaga.  Rather, I’m aiming to share my mantra when it comes to creative children’s activities: try to do something fun that involves the kids without heightening the stress.  That means: no shopping, no buying anything expensive, and no looking for anything fancy and posh enough for Pinterest!  I’m intimidated by the whole crafts movement and any sort of DIY, and this is all I can handle.

DIY Easy Valentine's Day CardsPin for later!

So — don’t laugh — here’s are the simple Valentine’s Day cards I did today with Beckett (6) and Annaliese (4).

All you need is white paper, colored pencils, Hershey’s Kisses or some other small candy (optional) and ideally, a home copier!

For us, this was a joint effort.  Although I’m trying NOT to be a perfectionist mother, I still do the hearts with those cute little arrows going through and wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day”.  Beckett wrote his name and for Annaliese, I put her name using dotted lines and she sort of scribbled on top of it.simple valentine's day cards

Here’s the beauty of these cards: in their own style, each kid wrote their name only  O-N-C-E.

Then, Mommy trotted over to our printer/copier, and hit the number 25 for Beckett and 15 for Annaliese.  (Don’t forget to add the teachers to your count!)

We scotch-taped on the Hershey’s Kisses and PRESTO.  VALENTINES DAY CARDS ALL DONE.

Just in case you’re even more clueless than I am, here is a close up of Annaliese’s cards.  My husband’s camera is on the fritz and I’m not a great photographer anyway, so please excuse the amateur quality of these shots!

Simple Valentine's Day cards

So happy I can watch TV tonight in peace without stressing about writing all of these cards!  It’s also awesome that my 7 and 8 year old’s aren’t sharing cards anymore.  Bah humbug!


Wishing you lots of love, kisses & chocolate,



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