Dealing with A Mean Child

Happy Monday, guys! Hope you had a great weekend. Finally, Spring here … but I still don’t trust it and I’m using that as an excuse not to change the kids closets over yet from winter to spring (ha ha procrastination!). I did finally Spring clean under my bed for the first time in (um) a few years, but that’s another story.

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OK, so get to the point, Melissa! This video is not about bullying, nor mean girls, nor mean kids that might affect your kids. Rather, today’s video is about dealing with meanness in your OWN kids. Embarrassing to admit, but of course it happens.

A few weeks ago we had a little event in our house, which was not a happy one. I was taking my two girls to see Frozen (I know, finally) at a movie theater around the corner and one says to the other “you’re not my sister.” It was the second time that child had said this and smoke was coming out of my ears, I was SO upset.

What’s your advice for dealing with mean children? 

Gentle Discipline for Toddlers

The notion of disciplining your toddler is sort of odd to me instinctively, because toddlers are so young. I try to talk to my kids and encourage them to be sensitive and kind to others. Meanwhile, I really do believe in showing even a young child the difference between right and wrong. I want my children to know how good it feels to be kind, and how bad it feels to be unkind. Kindness is probably my biggest priority for my kids, which is why when this comment came upon us, I was stunned, angry, and frustrated.

To see how I reacted when my child said this mean thing, watch today’s video.  And please tell me whether you think I was right or wrong!  Would love your view.

xo Melissa