Could Your Parenting Style Put You in Danger?

A really interesting study is out saying that “intense parenting” can lead to anxiety and depression and unhappy kids — Katherine Stone blogged about it over at Babble. That’s a real wake-up call for a lot of parents out there, I’m sure, especially moms with anxiety over every little thing, like me. Watch to see what qualities make “intensive parenting” and my assessment of where I fall on the spectrum of different parenting styles!

Could Your Parenting Style Put You in Danger?

How to Raise a Happy Child (and Avoid Anxiety while You’re at it!)

The article published in Forbes is titled “The ‘Better’ Mother? How Intense Parenting Leads to Depression” and tackles the parenting paradox psychologists and doctors have been baffled by for years. How can parenting give one so much joy, and, on the other hand, so much doubt, helplessness, and anxiety? What is it about parenting that can take a major toll on your mental health? The studies revealed that it seems to be the “way of parenting utilized, not being a parent that results in negative mental health outcomes.”  Overall, more intense mothers had worse mental health. Women who fit under the category of intense mothers weren’t necessarily depressed (perhaps because they feel more “essential” to their children’s upbringing) but were more stressed and therefore less satisfied with life.

And this stress and depression can in turn have a huge negative effect on our children. The studies clearly show that children are being over-scheduled and over-parented these days. In this hectic world, sometimes it really is better for all of us to slow down, take a deep breath, and not take everything so seriously. I know I definitely have to take this advice. This is the year of taking some time out of our crazy lives and having some good quality family time! Together, let’s destress and help our children have the happy childhood they deserve!

Good luck, parents!

How intense are you? Has your parenting style changed over time? Comment below!

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