Celebrating Faith Milestones for Kids

We modern parents are so concentrated on our children’s academic and athletic success that sometimes we concentrate less on the spiritual side. I confess that as a family we attend church far less than we should. Many a weekend, I try to carve out time to get to mass and fail: our weekend mornings are spent on Randall’s Island where our kids play soccer; then during the afternoon, we’re getting homework done. Our weekends pass by like a treadmill — meals, practices, homework — without any pause.

Are you raising your child in a religious faith and why did you make that decision? Weigh in below!

Out of such a busy schedule, why take time out for teaching your child religion or, in our case, about the Catholic faith? I would argue that learning how to be a good world citizen and plain old nice person will make our children happier, more secure and fulfilled people and that, on a more basic level, it’s our responsibility as human beings to take care of others. Teaching children to do the right thing and put others first can be difficult, especially since they’re at an egocentric stage of life where their own wishes and desires reign supreme. The structure of religious education can be helpful because you know that each week, your child is focusing on values during dedicated time.

Catholic Church Milestones

Another huge benefit for us of religious education have been the faith milestones. Our children have been baptized, had their Holy Communion, their First Penance, and in two cases, Confirmation. Our second child Lachlan was confirmed several weeks ago by the Bishop of New York City in a joyful ceremony.


Lachlan chose his older brother Hedley to be his sponsor.

brothers at Confirmation

Here is Lachlan being confirmed by the Bishop of New York.

being confirmed

A reading at the podium required lowering the microphone.

reading at Confirmation

Bishop at Confirmation

This probably goes down in history as one of my favorite photos!

Catholic Confirmation

On that night, the years of planning and commitment, the weekly class, the volunteering, the exam all came together. Lachlan truly felt as if he had accomplished something. He felt included, appreciated and valued. That alone made the Confirmation process so worth it, to us.

celebrating Confirmation

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