Can Sister and Brother Share a Room?

Hello mamas and papas. A mom wrote in asking about sisters and brother sharing a room, wondering in particular: until what age is it appropriate for siblings of different genders to share a room. My two cents in today’s new video.Can Sister and Brother Share a Room?All my children share rooms and always have: I have three boys in one room with a bunk bed with trundle, and two girls in another room with a single bed with trundle. We are just starting to hit the teenage years (my oldest is 13) so this hasn’t been too tricky yet, but I do understand the need for privacy.

Weigh in with your views, but personally, I don’t see much of an issue with siblings of different genders sharing rooms. I do think this gets more complicated over time, and that when it comes to bathroom time they need more privacy.

Siblings sharing a room

Our family’s situation rises out of necessity: we live in New York City and simply don’t have the space to allocate a bedroom to each of our five children. Each bedroom houses a bed, a desk and a large closet which gives each child the space to store their own clothes. We don’t have posters, wall-hangings or personal objects. At time I wonder how this lack of personal space in the home will affect the kids.

What is your situation at home and how do you plan to house your kids? Weigh in and thanks for watching.