Birthing Center vs. Hospital

A couple of moms have asked me where I stand with birthing centers vs. hospitals, Giving birth is one of the most important experiences in a mother’s life, so you really need to find an environment that where you feel comfortable and secure.  All five of my children were born at New York University hospital, and I’m so grateful for my amazing experiences there!  That being said, giving birth in birthing centers is a trend that has been picking up a lot of steam lately.  There’s really great advice about alternative locations for giving birth out there, so make sure to research alternatives in your local area!  Here’s what I’ve learned about some of the general differences between childbirth in the hospital vs. a birthing center.

Birthing Center vs. Hospital

What childbirth options do I have?

I was so lucky to have such great medical resources at the hospital while giving birth, especially because I had tough pregnancies (I suffered from pre-term labor with each of my babies) and complications during labor with several, as well.  Because of this, I wasn’t the right candidate for a birthing center, but that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be! If you have had a healthy pregnancy and you are anticipating a routine delivery, then you may be able to appreciate the benefits of delivering in a birthing center.  Unlike many hospitals, birthing centers offer a family-friendly, nurturing environment, where you’ll tend to have more control over your childbirth experience.  For example, you’ll have more freedom to walk around as you please and eat when you feel like you need to.  There’s also less medical intervention in birthing centers, so you likely will not endure IVs and electronic fetal monitoring. Significantly, birthing centers encourage giving birth so that’s a huge plus if you’re going in that direction. And in addition to the comforts, birthing centers tend to be cheaper than hospitals.  For more on the pros and cons of birthing centers and on my own experience, watch my vlog!

All those differences being noted, there is a “middle ground” so to speak because thesedays many hospitals have birthing centers within their facilities that allow you to have the best of both worlds. You can still experience the comforts of a birthing center while having medical personnel on standby in case you have complications during birth.

I think it’s great that hospitals are starting to do this, but I want to hear what you think! Do you feel more comfortable giving birth in a hospital with medical resources nearby, or would you prefer the more comforting atmosphere of a birthing center? Share your thoughts below!