Best Foods for New Moms

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Best Foods for New Moms

We all know the rules of good eating, but especially when you’re a new mom, maintaining a good diet is tough.  You’re exhausted and have NO time, so oftentimes it’s easier to go for something fast than to plan ahead and eat right.

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Meanwhile, it’s more important than ever that you eat well, especially when you’re breastfeeding.

Here’s a video guide with 10 perfect foods for new moms.  These are super healthy foods for new moms and especially good foods for breastfeeding moms where those nutrients are supporting your breastmilk and going right to your little one.

So watch for my top 10 healthy foods for new moms!  And comment telling us which foods you favored as a new mom, and which of these your baby liked!  Yum!

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  • Aubrey

    Oatmeal! It’s so delicious and easy to add different fruits to give it a new flavor each day.

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  • Stephy

    I am a mom of six! For breakfast i would have whole wheat toast with an egg over easy with arugula on top. On the side i would have yogurt and a glass of waterand juice. Lunch time, homemade chicken salad or some cod fish tacos. At snack time i would have graham crackers and a tablespoon of peanutbutter. For dinner lots of veggies like brussel sprouts, or artichokes, always with a sweet potato and some fennel tea with grapes and some cheese for after dinner snack.

    • Stephy, this is a great diet — I love sweet potatoes too! Make sure to enter contest through Rafflecopter box, you can enter multiple ways. xo M

  • ctevepaugh

    I like to eat either oatmeal or yogurt and a granola bar for breakfast.

  • marisa

    great tips. I didnt eat very healthy after my first one. I ate whatever I could find, whenever I had the chance. THis time around I will eat healthier for me, and my family!

  • Vanessa Williams

    We eat Quinoa a lot including in a great hearty veggie stew my husband makes. 🙂 Sweet potatoes are also a big hit for me and for baby!

  • Nicole

    I made a kale, banana, 1 scoop of Juice Plus chocolate powder, and almond milk shake almost every day. It was my superfood drink and kept me going strong for a LONG time!!

    • Nicole, this sounds really delicious! Do you want to provide the recipe and we can do a guest post on site at some point? YUM!

  • Valore

    Oatmeal and soup were definitely great in our house. They were both quick and simple. I had my daughter in November, so the soup was nice in the winter!

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  • Reaghan

    Greek yogurt with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries topped with granola. Avocados are also a great food for energy and fat!

    • Love the avocados, and the berries too — make sure to enter contest in Rafflecopter box! xo M

  • jandkplus10

    I am a Mom of 10, my typical breakfast consists of 2 eggs, multi grain toast, 2 slices of bacon, a cup of coffee, and water. Sometimes I will have a Naked smothie, or a Kefir yogurt drink. At lunch time I either have a salad with lunch meat on it, or some other kind of meat, or a sandwich on multi grain bread. I also drink about 4-5 20 oz.. glasses of water. For dinner, we try to have as much protein as possible, with lots of veggies, typically carbs are not part of our dinner.

    • Wow, I am inspired — healthy eating really is crucial to performing mom duties, and what a great diet you have! Don’t forget to enter contest through Rafflecopter box on post — M

  • ktpie321

    I became a first time mom almost exactly one year ago. I started succesfully breastfeeding immediately, however had a hard time keeping up with the demand of my child, as she ate almost 4 ounces or more at eat sitting. She also had acid reflux, so would continually eat to soothe the burn!

    I had such difficulty even trying to find the time to go to the bathroom! With barely any time to blend or saute anything, I got a lot of my necessary nutrients from greek yogurt. I added honey, granola, blueberries, etc. It was so easy to just throw things together (even with the little one attached) and it almost made it a parfait, which was super delicious too!

    Wheat toast always made a good side to the yogurt, and of course helped me because I literally never had 5 minutes.

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  • tara1965

    I loved yogurt

    • Tara1965 — me too yummy — make sure to enter contest in the Rafflecopter box. M

  • Stephanie H

    Loved the tips in your video! It is so easy to forget the nutrients that naturally occur in common foods and to get overly stressed about getting everything you need, so the pointers you shared are great!

    When I had my first baby, I was very stressed about trying to get her taken care of and still take care of myself! One of the meals I still use a lot when I need something fairly fast is homemade nachos. I use corn tortilla chips, whatever beans I have on hand (usually black or pinto), chopped fresh tomatoes, chopped onion, fresh garlic, salsa, avocado (if I had it on hand) and shredded cheese (I altered the ingredients list if I found a baby didn’t tolerate it too well when breastfeeding). Once all of the toppings are on the layer of chips, I put it in my toaster oven till the cheese is melted. I have found it gives me enough protein to keep my energy up while filling me up. If I have salad already thrown together I will add that to my plate.

    I also love greek yogurt and granola. That’s even faster. 😉

    • Stephanie H, great tip — I have to try that, sounds yummy too!

  • danitapia88

    wow all the food is really healthy and ill be looking for more ways to have my family eating delicious food and healthy at the same time.. I nurse my baby and I try to have a good diet and drink lots of water to have a healthy body. thanks for all the great recipes and ways to take care of ourselves.. also thanks for the giveaway….

    • Danita88, thanks for all you said, it makes it worthwhile for me, stay healthy!! xo M

  • Casey

    Oatmeal and smoothies were always easy for me as a brand new mom. Now, as a sort of new mom, I really like the Amy’s frozen meals. Gluten free too!

    My baby could live on yogurt, cheese sticks, and Pirate’s Booty. Plus anything that comes out of a pouch. He’s totally not impressed by my homemade gourmet organic baby purees.

    • Casey, do you know I don’t even know how to make a smoothy? Maybe you can provide a recipe to the site?? And I don’t know Amy’s frozen meals, have to look for those, sounds good. xo M

  • Jennifer

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the new mommies! Thanks for the giveaway, Melissa. I think there are a lot of great tips in your vlog. I especially love BLUEBERRIES with my oatmeal, just as you described. I think Greek Yogurt is also fantastic. Bananas are awesome. Good luck, everyone. 😉

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks! I LOVE Greek yoghurt too, it is so good… bananas are a staple here too — Happy Mother’s Day!!

  • Ashley Copeland

    We usually go with yogurt and eggs in the morning and we love spagetti for dinner! I will have to buy whole wheat noodles and look into black bean soup 🙂 baby loves avocados and fruits!! and every plum pouch i’ve let her try!!

    • Ashley, I love yoghurt but can’t get my kids to eat it — LOVE avocados so much, so great that your baby eats them!

  • I love oatmeal for breakfast! My son loves plum prunes and plum cherry, corn, and Greek yogurt! He has done great with all of their foods. I would purchase them over all other brands any day of the week! Happy Mother’s Day to all and thanks for having a giveaway!!!

  • Yuka

    Quinoa! I put it in my rice (I eat rice everyday)! It has a smell if u eat it by cooking it with veggies etc but if you cook it with rice it still has that smell but it’s definetly less noticeable since you eat rice with other side dishes.

    Also since in nursing, dandilion greens! Its good for health and it helps me increase my milk supply 🙂

  • Rosalynn

    I heard that oatmeal was good for milk production so that was a must for me! Also I loved building my own fruit parfaits with fresh berries, greek yogurt, a little bit of granola and a drizzle of honey.