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Bed Wetting Solutions for Kids

Hi moms and dads!

Today’s topic is something that I struggled with personally when my five kids were growing up and I know I’m not alone: bed-wetting. Even when children are potty trained, they can still wet their beds from time to time.
wetting the bed
This is totally normal, but since I wasn’t really aware of the fact, when it happened to us, it threw me for a loop.  I’m a big fan of getting the best information you can and being prepared.  Here are five tips you can try at home starting tonight to prevent your child from wetting the bed.

How to prevent childhood bed-wetting

1. Use the bathroom before bed: This one is probably the most obvious. It just makes sense that your little one will have less of an urge to use the restroom in the middle of the night if she’s visited the potty right before bed. I also find that when my kids have made one last trip to the potty before bedtime, they tend to sleep later because they don’t arise early to go to the bathroom.
2. Limit drinks after dinner: This is something that I’ve done in my house which has seemed to work! There are definitely fewer trips to the bathroom and fewer incidents of wetting the bed when my children limit almost all liquids after dinner, including when they brush their teeth at night.  When my kids were first potty training, I limited all liquids after 3 pm, trying to give them a lot of liquids earlier in the day and less liquid later on.
3. Use protective bedding: Our friends at Conni have come up with the brilliant Conni Kids Max.  This absorbent and waterproof bed pad is made to manage bed-wetting and potty training, can hold up to 85 fl ounces of liquid over 8 hours, and is non-toxic, containing no plastic nor PVC.   The Kids Max comes with durable tuck-ins on each side to tuck under the mattress so as to prevent the mattress from shifting out of place.  When your child wets his bed, you can simply replace the Kids Max — no additional laundry required — and everyone goes right back to sleep.  Love that.
4. Make going to the bathroom easier: I’ve found that if my kids were wearing only a pajama shirt and snug underwear to bed during their “bed-wetting” phase, they had a much easier time getting to the bathroom and successfully using the toilet in an emergency. Are your children’s rooms well lit with nightlights to help guide them to the bathroom during the night? Anything to help them make a quicker trip to the restroom at night can prevent accidents!
5. Talk to your doctor: It’s important to remember that bed-wetting is a normal process for children. Kids gain bladder control at different ages and it’s good to remind them that this is completely normal in order to avoid embarrassment and anxiety over the matter. However, according to WebMD, if your child has “relapsed” after gaining full bladder control, this is more likely to have medical causes, so it’s best to check with your pediatrician.

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