Avoiding Spoiled Kids over the Holidays

Raising children brings many challenges. We worry that we give too little and that we give too much. Our materialistic cultures pushes products at them from morning to night: gadgets, new apps, dolls, Nike sneakers, iPhones and all the rest. We all love fun new things and there’s nothing wrong with wanting a few. Yet we want our children to spend their lives being grateful for what they have. Not feeling, as adults, that nothing competes with the mountains of THINGS they enjoyed at children.How to avoid spoiling kids over the holidays

Being Grateful over the Holidays

So what does a parent do when the holidays roll around and you want to surprise and delight your child while encouraging them to practice gratitude and being thankful?tips on raising children from CloudMomIn this video, I go through three of my children’s Santa lists and describe how I digested these. Christmas listChristmas listChristmas listThen, I discuss our family’s overall approach to gift-giving at Christmas. What does your family do when it comes to holiday or Christmas gifts? How to you go about NOT spoiling your children? 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!