Are You a Mom-in-Chief? Take the Quiz!

When it comes to different parenting styles, the First Lady is totally a Mom-in-Chief! An article in Wednesday’s New York Times lists Michelle Obama’s strict rules for her two girls, Malia (14) and Sasha (11).  Since there is nothing wrong with aiming high, I thought I would measure my own parenting against the First Lady’s and see how many of Michelle Obama’s rules I myself have imposed for my five kids.  See how I score on this “Michelle Obama Parenting Quiz” and then take the quiz yourself!

Are You a Mom-in-Chief? Take the Quiz!Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Score yourself on each question on a scale of 0 to 3 — a 3 meaning that you are right up there with Michelle Obama and a 0 meaning you don’t have a rule like that at all.  Tell me your score below in the comments!

Michelle Obama’s Parenting Rules:

1)When the kids go on trips, they write a report, even if it’s not a school requirement.

 Great idea!  Wish I’d thought of this, but I didn’t, so I get a 0.

2) No technology during the week other than for homework.  

That means no TV…are there exceptions for the summer, especially the Olympics?  Assuming yes, I get a 3 because my kids are so over-scheduled, they don’t even have time for TV.  My kids also have no access to a computer (Mommy needs that for her social networking)!  So, 3.

3) Kids take two sports, only one of which they like.

 Hmmm?  My kids take more than two sports at certain points of the year, but I do impose swimming, not because they don’t like it, but because I don’t want them to drown!  So, for this one, I imposed the rule, but not for the right reasons.  Giving myself a 2.

4) Learn to do laundry before college.

N/A.  I’m starting with folding pajamas.  Not entirely my fault because the pre-college years haven’t yet presented themselves, yet nonetheless I have to give myself a 1.

5) Must eat veggies and can’t not finish and ask for cookies and chips later.

My kids are forced to eat their veggies, and there truly is no coming back for snacks later.  I have, however, started to cave under the pressure and let a few green beans slip.  But, all in all, I have stood my ground, so giving myself a 3. 

These are some pretty strict rules for kids, but I’ve got a 9. 9 out of a possible 15, oh no, a 60%!  What is that, a D-?  I’m too old to remember.  And you?  I want to see where you end up and why so comment below and give me your reasons and your score!  Oh, and while you’re at it, tell me what you think of Michelle Obama’s rules! No judging involved, I promise.  0 is a perfectly acceptable score in this world because every family sings to its own tune.