Admit It, Mom: You’d Rather Sleep Alone

Hello mammas!

We’re venturing into the bedroom today folks! Husband and wife bloggers Monica and Serge Bielanko dished about the fact that they sleep in separate beds.  In fact,  a recent study found that 30-40 percent of couples do the same and confirmed that sleeping with a partner could even be bad for your health!

Are you and your hub taking advantage of separate beds, too? 

Admit It, Mom: You'd Rather Sleep Alone

Separate Bedrooms for Married Couples

More and more couples are sleeping separately, and a growing number of houses are actually being built nowadays with an extra master bedroom. In my view, small wonder that some couples prefer the time alone at night. Between snoring, tossing and turning, and multiple trips to the bathroom, sharing the bed with someone every night can compromise a good night’s sleep!

My hubby and I do sleep in the same bedroom. Sharing an apartment in the city with five kids, there just isn’t enough room for another bed! After barely seeing each other during the day, it’s our special time at night to be alone without the kiddies around. But that’s just us…

For more on separate beds for couples, watch today’s vlog!

What about you? Any interesting sleep habits between you and your spouse? ‘Fess up by commenting below! 

‘Til next time, sweet dreams!



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