A Sibling Rivalry-Free Breakfast

Hello my friends.  For my family, breakfast is a time of chatting and conversation but often too of verbal wartime.  First, we have the arguments over who sits where and who sits next to whom.  Then, it’s the color of the spoons (if Marielle does not get pink, that’s a major issue.)  Then, the color of the plates.  If things are going somewhat well, up pops that foot that touches someone else’s knee under the table and it’s back to the warfare.

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Sometimes I just can’t wait for breakfast to end, and sometimes I get up extra early to guarantee that my coffee is hot when I drink it.  Often after breakfast I’m so drained by all the mediating that I dream of going back to bed and putting a pillow over my head to escape the noise and complaints!

One special morning this week, though, we had a different sort of breakfast.  With the boys and dad off and away, the jealousy and sibling rivalry that haunt us were gone for a few delightful moments.

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Don’t get me wrong, the girls have their own moments too.  They love and hug and kiss, but they also argue over toothbrushes and dresses and stuffed animals.  Annaliese will come to me in tears over some injustice from her toddler sister at least once a day.  But for some reason, during the breakfast you’ll witness in our video, their sibling rivalry did not rear it’s ugly face and instead, we had a love fest.

Watch my video for our love fest of a breakfast, and tell me how things shake down in your house during the first meal of the day.

Sending love from Paris, and thanks for watching.

xo Melissa