A Mom’s Night Out in Paris

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Bonjour! Most of my nights here have been spent with the kids in bed trying to figure out my friend’s television or catching up on work and Facebook. But earlier this week, I stepped out in a new short skirt to have dinner with one of my closest girlfriends here, Laurence.

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We chose a restaurant overlooking the Louvre’s Pyramid and split two appetizers because it was so pricey, but it was SO worth it. The sun was setting and bathed this famous Paris landmark in a gentle, auburn light.

We talked about our kids, our lives, and our dreams. I induced in a mojito (yum) and it became an evening I’ll remember for a long time. Good friends you can really trust are hard to come by, and I’m so lucky to have Laurence’s loyal friendship 20 plus years after we met here as students.

The mom version of a "girl's night out" is going anywhere at night without your kids.Like it? Pin it!

Mom’s night out for me usually means a local waterhole. This evening, which I was happy to film bits and pieces of, was a spectacular change of scene. Hope that you’ll enjoy watching my little video today!

Tune in for more on our France adventure later in the week and thanks for watching!