Am I A Good Enough Mom

Am I A Good Mom?

Hello my dearies. I know that as a Mom, I ask myself often am I a good Mom? Am I doing what I should? Did I react in the right way? Did I make the right decision? This summer’s adventure has been full of decisions, big and small, and many practical ones. Monday we bid farewell to Paris and looking down at our kids and 5 bags, I asked myself “can we make it to the train station (with one transfer) with all these bags?” Not wanting to slap down the euros I knew a taxi would cost, I decided yes and off we went.

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Well, I didn’t know what I was in for. First, it rained heavily on the way to the metro stop and none of us had on our raincoats. Then, we saw our first long staircase; then another. We walked the girls down and then I had to make several trips to get down the bags. Not having even left our stop, I was exhausted!

But something very surprising happened which made me so happy to have decided to leave Paris in this way. People we didn’t even know started helping us left and right. A woman in her 60’s insisted on carrying one of our suitcases up a flight of stairs. Stepping off the first train, we had only a few seconds to all get off and two men just picked up our suitcases and brought them down. I was shocked and so grateful.

We left this city of light with our hearts warmed over for these acts of kindness. We felt like we had many mothers we did not even know — wonderful individuals that had reached out to help our family. That difficult journey is now one of my favorite memories of the summer!

Alas… getting ready now to leave this country, to go home and to rediscover our lives albeit in a different way because I feel that we’ve all been changed. Now I want to hear from you guys:

What has been one of your favorite memories from this summer?

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