8 is You Today

My Lachlan turns 8 today.  We call him Lachie.  You might not recognize him from this photo here, since he’s usually my cutie in the killer glasses.  Can’t believe my little baby is now my eight year old boy.

8 is You Today

This one’s going out to you, Lachie babe.  Oh, Lachie, how we love thee.  Let me count the ways.

You’re Mommy’s great helper.  When I’m laden down with bags, you insist on taking some from me.  I can see you right now walking ahead of me, your lanky body leaning to one side and your skinny legs sticking out of your long shorts as you lug that bag with all your might.  You would never say it’s too heavy and put it down.

Lachie you have saved Mommy countless nights by taking Annaliese to the bathroom and putting her back to bed so that I didn’t have to do it.  You might not know this, but this is why you share a room with your sisters.  I can count on you to take care of them. You’re a born Papa Bear.  You are only eight, as of today, and I trust you to fill in for me and Daddy.

On one of your first plane flights, you pushed Annaliese through the airpot in a car seat carrier because Mommy was pushing Marielle and had no more hands and Daddy was pulling bags and herding Hedley and Beckett.  We were so scattered, so all over the place, but you towed the line.  You were on a mission and knew just what to do.  Other travelers were looking at me with raised eyebrows and saying “how old is that kid?”  “Four”, I answered.

You were always a fighter.  Like your sibs, you were born small at around 6 lbs.  You literally flew out of me, so eager to see the world.  Arriving a month early, you were only 6ish lbs, and you were chilly!  The doctor insisted that I hold you close.  So I just held you and held you and held you for about a week because I didn’t want them to take you away from me and put you in the special nursery.

Here you are on Day 1.  This is right after your first bath and you were rockin’ it in one of Mommy’s favorite hospital burp cloths. 


And here you are after one of the first times you ate.  You were a little guy, and would get worn out after a bit of nursing and doze off so Mommy had to work hard to keep you awake to eat.  That hat with the purple pom pom is tucked away safely in your keepsake box, in case you were wondering.

Melissa with Lachlan as a baby

Arriving home, your older brother Hedley was a bit ticked off at having to share the limelight.  Here we are out for our first stroll together.  Hedley sported this pout for a few weeks.  (Then, he decided you were fun.)  I remember so clearly how amazing it felt to stroll down the street with TWO children.  Both had come out of me.  I felt so lucky and so proud.  You tigers were only 13 months apart, so Mommy had her hands full.

Lachlan and Hedley

Lachie, you love to laugh and have fun.  Your favorite books are funny books and I can see you on the sofa giggling.  You like books with naughty protagonists who live on the edge and push the boundaries.

You love a good cookie too and when you eat it, you hold it in your hands like a chipmunk, your back hunched over, cautious that no one take it from you.  All 10 fingers are on that cookie like nobody’s business.  Makes sense.  You’re from a big family and although you look out for your brothers and sisters, you have to guard that cookie with your life.

There are times when you don’t laugh, of course.  When you stand arms crossed with your lips pouting out and your eyes squinted, so disgruntled.  Something so unjust has come to pass and I need to know about it.

And boy, do you hate to lose to your brothers.  Once when you were sitting in the second row of the car, with Hedley and Lachlan in the third row, you called out joyfully “I’m winning, I’m winning.”  That was a happy moment for you!  Look at you, kid, one brother 13 months ahead and another 18 month behind, you’re sandwiched.  But you’re the finest slice of roast beef a mama could have ever dreamed of.

Now you’re getting big.  You’re not my baby anymore and you’re learning to breathe when something doesn’t go your way.  And you’re looking around this big world and asking a lot — A LOT — of questions.  Today you stayed home from camp because you had a slight fever (poor guy) but you came with me and Marielle to pick everyone up.  Getting into the car, we saw a woman who wore a dark veil on her head.  “Why is she wearing that veil,” Mommy, you asked.  And then I knew you were off, badgering me with questions the whole ride.  I usually am partially through a cobbled together answer when you lob out the next question, always one step ahead.

You are never hard on me and you always take my side.  The other day when I dented the car in the garage, you said “It’s ok Mom, it’s not your fault, that garage was too small”.  You’re my buddy and my friend and my pal.

So today is your birthday and I wanted to write this blog for you.  And to respect your wishes, I am NOT showing a photo of you in your pajamas!

Lachie, we’re so lucky to have you on our family team.  I can’t imagine our family without you.  We are all a part of each other and you are such a part of us.  Kids having fun

Kids having fun

Happy Birthday, Lachie!  I can’t believe my baby is now my 8 year old boy.

8th birthday

In some ways, I can’t believe you are 8.  In others, 8 seems too small a number for a person with a heart that’s so big and wise and kind.  I love you.  Mommy