5 Ways to be a BE-ATCH to the Hubs

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Hi everybody.  So you know, I launched this site CloudMom and it’s filled with how to videos for moms saying “here’s how you do this” and “here’s how you do that” and after doing like almost 300 of these parenting how to videos with my own particular version of expert parenting advice (ha!), I feel like doing something else once in a while.  I feel like cracking up and not being so serious all the time… so once in a while I’m going to do a funny video.  Not you might not think it’s so funny, but then maybe you can watch one of the serious videos with parenting tips. Or not watch at all.  It is what is it.

5 Ways to be a BE-ATCH to the HubsPin for later!

I was cracking myself up in the shower yesterday thinking of 5 ways to be a total BE-ATCH to this hubs.  These include girls weekends and taking your mom out to dinner on the early side… and an evening routine that will keep you hubby at bay.  Watch my video for more – and good luck being a BE-ATCH!

I love my hubs dearly and this is a joke!!  I never pull a single one of these tricks, but let me have it, was this too mean?  Anyone else have any tricks of the trade for getting the hubs to pitch in or keeping him at bay?

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