5 Ways To Avoid Making Dinner

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Hi everyone, Melissa here from CloudMom.com.  One of the things I feel the most guilty about is when I shortchange my kids by not giving them healthy meals.  But healthy often means preparation and cleanup.  That is, healthy means hassle especially when you’re talking weeknight family meals and you’re SO tired you want to drop or run away.

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Simple Meal Ideas

When it’s been a really long day, here are simple meal ideas for kids you can do that are “good enough” for a meal, but won’t require prep or cleanup.  These quick and easy dinner meals probably don’t even deserve the title “dinner” but since you’re serving them at the end of the day, what the heck.

Number 1 idea is cereal with milk and fruit on top – no joke.  If he’s still hungry, offer up another bowl.  You might have to cut the fruit, and pour the cereal and milk, but that’s about it.  And watch my video for 4 other really original ideas just like this.

Anyone else have ideas for simple family meals that allow a tired mom to avoid making dinner entirely?   Please share below.  Thank you so much for watching CloudMom.com.

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