5 Hip Maternity Bathing Suit Styles

Hey mamas! Let’s face it: bathing suits can be a tricky part of pregnancy. We all felt it: bloated, stretch-marked, and well, just not sexy. I’m here to tell you to take pride in your pregnancy body! You are growing a human being in there, and your changing body bears witness to your generosity of spirit and strength of purpose. Don’t give up on the beach nor hide yourself in a tunic. You can and will look great on the beach this summer, clad in fashionable swimwear once you find a style that suits your unique pregnant body. With that being said, check out these maternity bathing suits to find the one that works for you.

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1. Cache Coeur Bloom Maternity Tankini

Tankinis flatter many different body types and come in a plethora of cute styles. Some pregnant women dread the constricted feeling of a one-piece. Tankinis such as this Cache Coeur Bloom maternity tankini let your belly breathe! The strapless look highlights your shoulders, bosom, and arms, flatters your belly, and adds enough panache for you to strut your stuff! Find this tankini here.

maternity tankini

2. Oceanlily Over The Belly Maternity Bikini Bottom

The belly bikini bottom solves a few issues. The high waisted bottom keeps your belly secure, covers up stretch marks, and can be combined with any sort of top: bikini, tankini or swim shirt.  You can find these versatile bottoms here.

maternity swimwear

3. PregO Maternity Women’s Maternity Dot Roll Waist Bikini

For those looking to wear your bump with pride, maternity bikinis like this model offer a raised waist for extra support. This waist will continue to stretch throughout your trimesters, while supporting your pregnant belly. Especially designed for pregnancy, this bikini’s breast cups are soft, flexible, and can be removed for extra comfort. Meanwhile, with or without the cups, the top remains supportive and feminine. Find this bikini here.

maternity bikini

4. Motherhood Smocked Waist Maternity One Piece Swimsuit

Simply designed with an adjustable halter neck and flattering v-neckline, Motherhood one-pieces offer a classic interpretation on pregnancy swimwear. A durable nylon material supports your breasts and growing belly during pregnancy, stretching generously as you grow. The ruching along the sides of this suit lend extra character. Whereas many bathing suits lack support in the breast area and bottom, this suit addresses that, holding you in and up and making it possible for you to move freely on the beach or in the pool. Find this swimsuit here.

maternity bathing suit

5. Momo Maternity UPF 50+ One Piece Halter Swim dress

Introducing: swim dresses! Comfortable, flattering, and subbing in for a cute sundress, the swim dress speaks to the more demure among us who want to be out there while having most of it covered. With integrated UPF 50, this swim dress guarantees that only 1/50th of the sun’s rays will touch your unborn belly. Nautically-inspired and perfect for any waterside summer outing, this swim dress can be found here

pregnant bathing suit

There you have it, expecting mamas! Don’t hide your bod, but instead cherish this special time as offering some new fashion opportunities! Find a style that suits you, head on out to the beach or pool, and send a picture to me.

Enjoy. Stay healthy. Feel good. Feel pretty. There’s a baby coming! And don’t forget to enter our giveaway! 

Melissa xo

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