5 Fun (and Nutritious!) Halloween Snacks for Kids

Hi guys!  It’s October. A time for spooky costumes, DIY Halloween crafts, and, unfortunately, lots and lots of candy. Halloween is my dentist’s worst nightmare, and I don’t blame him. Kids are getting their hands on chocolaty or sour treats at every opportunity; in their schools, in the stores, from your next-door neighbors. But I always try my best to keep my kids eating healthy, so I’ve put together a list of my favorite Halloween treats that are both fun and healthy!

Halloween treats

Quick Healthy Snacks for Halloween

1. Witchy String-Cheese Broomsticks – These easy-to-make snack will have you thinking of black cats, pointy hats, and magical spells! All you need is some string cheese, skinny pretzel sticks, and a few chives to keep it all tied together. So fun and easy!

Witchy String-Cheese BroomsticksSource: cocinandoconcatman.com

2. Monster Mouths – This one’s great because you can really switch it up based on personal taste! Carve a section out of a quarter of an apple, spread some peanut butter, and place the “teeth” along the top and bottom of the “mouth.” Some people use mini marshmallows for the teeth, but healthier options include yogurt covered raisins or skinned almonds!

Monster MouthsSource: justapinch.com

3. “Boo”nanas – Another fun one where your kid’s creativity can shine through! Slice a peeled banana in half and place on a skewer. Dip it in orange juice and then into some shredded coconut. Add chocolate chips and a raisin for a “boo”tiful ghost face!

"Boo"nanasSource: popsugar.com

4. Jack-o-Lantern Apple Slices – Forget messy pumpkin-carving, this funny face is a breeze to create! Spread some peanut butter on an apple slice and add your favorite snacks for a face. Options include raisins, chocolate chips, or jelly for a new Halloween spin on the classic PB&J!

Jack-o-Lantern ApplesSource: aboutamom.com

5. Franken-kiwis – Build your own Frankenstein monster – out of fruit! Peel a kiwi enough to create his “hair” and add pretzel pieces for the neck bolts and face. Finish the snack with two mini chocolate chips for eyes. A not-so-scary, very nutritious monster!

Franken-kiwisSource: twohealthykitchens.com

Healthy eating for kids on the go can be tricky to work out sometimes. Hope these Pinterest-worthy ideas have inspired you this Halloween to ditch the candy and go for fun nutrition!

Wishing you all a super Halloween!

xo Melissa