5 Fruits to Eat When You’re Pregnant — or Not

Hello everybody.  Welcome back to my Reflection Thursdays post in which I am reflecting on happiness, wellness, peace of mind, and being your best self.  Of late, I’ve been taking the more philosophical route with this post and talking about personal fulfillment, but this week I’ve decided to tackle a health topic!  Hope you like it.

5 Fruits to Eat When You’re Pregnant — or Not

Being down in Brazil this week with Marc, I’ve been marveling at the varieties of delicious fresh fruits.

Filled with crucial vitamins like Vitamin C, beta carotene, and folic acid, fruit is a crucial element of any healthy diet for women.  Fruit also offers lots of fiber, a natural remedy for mamas, papas and kids confronting constipation while traveling — no joke!

Fruit also is an essential element of any pregnancy diet.  My doctor advised me during pregnancy to look to fruit as a cornerstone of my pregnancy diet to take care of the unborn baby’s complete nutritional needs as well as my own health.   The beta carotene in fruit, he explained, helps in developing tissue and cells and forms the basis for a stronger immune system; the vitamin C in fruit supports the development of teeth and bones; and folic acid in fruit helps prevent fetal growth defects.

So the facts are there, mamas!  Get that body of yours some good fruits!

That being said, here are 5 nutritious fruits to eat while pregnant – or not.

Since I myself often wondered what fruits to eat during pregnancy, and what fruits to avoid, I’ve put together this list.  Read on and please share your own pregnancy fruit cravings!

1) Fresh figs.


In the U.S., dried figs appear more commonly than fresh figs.  Seek out fresh figs, though, because they have many nutritional attributes!  One of the oldest cultivated fruits around — dating back to at least 5,000 B.C. — fresh figs have a higher mineral profile than almost any other fruit or vegetable.  They are particularly high in calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc, key nutrients for a healthy pregnancy.  In fact, the mineral content of figs is said to closely resemble that of breastmilk!  Fresh figs are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, associated with lower incidence of pre-term labor and premature delivery, and filled with vitamin B6, long thought to be beneficial in alleviating morning sickness.

2) Mangoes.


Many expecting moms crave mangoes … I know I did.  When I asked my doctor why, he explained that mangoes contain a heavy amount of vitamin C to regulate your digestion and reduce constipation.  Mangoes in the U.S. usually are available more in summer, so if you’re expecting a late summer or fall baby, fill up on mangoes!  (P.S. Mango is my favorite fruit!).

3) Guava.


Small wonder that many women crave guava while pregnant.  Guava helps regulate your immune system and blood pressure during pregnancy, is full of essential vitamins and minerals and helps in easy digestion while strengthening your baby’s central nervous system.

4) Kiwi.


Filled with important nutrients like Vitamin C, E, A, Potassium, Magnesium and Focil Acide, Kiwis are known to have healing effects on the human respiratory system and to help the easy absorption of iron.

5) Grapefruit.


During my pregnancies, I craved juices and ate grapefruit almost daily.  I did ask my doctor whether to be weary of grapefruit since I worried that it was too acidic, but he reassured me that a daily intake of grapefruit was an important part of healthy nutrition during pregnancy.  My doctor explained that since grapefruit is high in potassium and lycopene, it helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol.  He also said that grapefruit helps indigestion by neutralizing stomach acid, and often alleviates the waves of nausea accompanying morning sickness.

What fruits did you crave during pregnancy?  Please weigh in and thanks so much for reading!  

Oh, and check in for more from Brazil in this week’s Weekly Wrap Up, coming Sat. Sending you love from Brazil..

Brazil beach

xo Melissa