5 Easy Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

So four days until Father’s Day — who’s counting! — and I’m still weighing my options and feeling stressed about being empty-handed… Tomorrow night when my boys get home from day-camp I am cornering them with papers, crayons, tape and the like to make cards.  If we’re really energetic, these super easy crafts from Pinterest have me inspired!  Not going fancy nor ambitious since I’m not crafty and super intimidated when it comes to DIY!

5 Easy Father's Day Crafts for KidsPin for later!

Do you have any home crafts you’re working on for Father’s Day?  Share in the comments!

First off, I love this home-made hangar from Motherhood on a Dime.  It’s pretty simple to make: click through here for the full instructions!

Father's Day Hangar

As long as my husband doesn’t mind getting hot pink versions from Annaliese and Marielle, I think this one could be a big hit.  I don’t think our holes will be so nicely spaced, but nobody’s perfect.

Next up, check out this adorable fish handprint from Merissa Freitas‘ super boards.  I think even Marielle (and I) could pull this one off!  I can see my older boys coming up with their own funky decorations for the fishes …

Father's Day Fish

Here’s another one from A Teacher’s Idea.  Simply and lovely.  You could play around with the flower colors if you wanted and really make something colorful, or I love this attractive print!

Father's Day handprints

Tired of hands?  Go for these snazzy feet.  If you have multiple kids, you could create separate  pages or overlap them onto a single sheet in different colors!  Maybe stick to one color per child…

Father's Day Feet

And if you’re hung up on ties, here’s a super easy one for the wee-ones.  They can decorate with buttons, stickers, or just about anything you have around the house — dried pasta, beans, whatever!  For this one, there’s certainly no shopping required.  All you need is paper, string, small decorations, and glue.  It will be fun to snap a photo of Daddy wearing his paper tie on the big day!

Father's Day Tie

So these are the ones I’m considering.  I’ll let you know what we emerge with.  Good luck figuring out your Father’s Day surprises and wishing you a wonderful day en famille!  xo Melissa