2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year’s Giveaway

Hello my dears. For this last week of the year,  I thought I would reflect back on last year by sharing some family photos from our weekly wrap ups of 2016. Please share memories of your family’s year in the comments below. I would love to hear about your special times.


Our week began with an ice skating party! Such a fun winter birthday party idea for kids with birthdays in these colder months. I skated a bit as a child, but am not nearly as skilled as my mom, who actually skated to school as a girl in Sweden. My daughters have only skated twice before. So small wonder that we toppled around the rink, clutching at each other and falling to the front and the back. A lovely dad from Marielle’s class who grew up in Canada and is a great skater gave us some free ice skating lessons — thank you!!!2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's GiveawayFebruary

Yesterday, we headed to JFK airport to apply for a program called Global Entry. The global entry program allows you to move more quickly through security when you travel abroad. Since we plan to head off visiting family again this summer in Spain, I’m hoping this will help me out as I fly solo with the 5 kiddos for future family adventures. Here’s our official lineup!  CloudMom “baby” Marielle holds her own on the left hand side.  In case you don’t remember my kids names, they are Marielle (5), Lachlan (10), Beckett (9), Annaliese (7) and Hedley (11). Can’t believe how fast they are growing.2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's GiveawayMarch

Melissa here writing in from the French Alps. We’re here skiing in France and having some great bonding time on our family ski vacation. Since we’re usually hanging in an apartment, it’s amazing to get out in the fresh air and look at majestic mountains all day. Proud mama moment.2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's GiveawayApril

Marc and I took a water taxi over to Brooklyn to attend the Democratic Presidential Debate. I was struck by the fervor in the room. Regardless of your political orientation, it’s great to see people so engaged in this election.2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's Giveaway


This year’s mothers day cards, each handmade by one of the kids (after MUCHO prodding and bribing from Daddy) were funny and kind. I did tell two of my boys to add on “I love you”, but they replied “that’s implied!” If you’re looking for mothers day card ideas, try just giving your kids some white paper and a stack of markers and letting them do their thing. In my experience, that produces the most creative cards (and the least expensive to boot!).2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's Giveaway


Annaliese commemorated the end of the year with a class breakfast and an adoring hug with her beloved teacher. This teacher brought her so much confidence and joy. She’s starting to read and loves to learn. I hope her future years of school can be filled with this same positive spirit.2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's Giveaway


The kids loved the Luxembourg gardens, a Paris must-see, especially the gardens and Carousel.

2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's GiveawayAugust

My close friend Melissa and I met when we were 16 years old. Here we are “many” more years under the collective belt. Melissa is one of the most beautiful women I know outside but even more importantly inside. Kind, warm, accepting, supportive and generous, she’s the type of person you always feel good around. A huge supporter of Cloudmom from the beginning, Melissa’s always encouraged me to pursue my professional goals. I’m so lucky to know count her as one of my dearest friends. 2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's GiveawaySeptember

This past week the girls began taking the bus together to school. Big sister Annaliese showed her little sister the ropes. The girls are lucky to have a cheerful driver who makes each morning a joy with his friendly greetings.2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's Giveaway


When it comes to fall activities for kids, there is nothing more gorgeous that getting out in the fresh air and watching a sporting event. Whether it be football, soccer or track & field, standing there on the sidelines chatting with other parents with the chill crisp air is enough to enlighten you and helps in overcoming dullness or sadness or the everyday blues, which I described above.

Here’s big girl Marielle feeling excited.2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's GiveawayNovember

Annaliese and Beckett loved the shuttle ride around Randall’s Island, where they practice soccer each weekend. Since their soccer club is pretty intense, filling up our Saturdays and Sundays, we’ve relied on the kindness of other parents to help us shuttle the kids to games and practices. It’s been so great hanging out with these folks on the sidelines and we’ll miss them over the winter. 2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's GiveawayDecember

Our family dressed up for the annual Swedish Santa Lucia concert. The girls love wearing their dresses and crowns.
2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's Giveaway

So that’s my recap of our marvelous year. What were the high points of your family’s year? What were some fun family activities you guys did in 2016 that you’d recommend? Please share below and don’t forget to enter our end of the year giveaway!

2016 Weekly Wrap Ups Plus New Year's Giveaway

Sending love and best wishes for the New Year!

Melissa xoxo

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