10 Ways to Help a New Mom

Hello everyone! Today’s topic is one that is near and dear to my heart – helping a new mom. After having each of my five children, I was so grateful for all of my wonderful friends and family who offered to help me out. Taking care of a newborn is hard and helping hands are always welcome. So here’s a list of ways I found were helpful for me as a new mother that could inspire you!

How to Help a New Mother10 Ways to Help a New Mom

  1. Offer to run errands: With a very young baby in the house, it can be hard for a new  mom to make it out the door for even the simplest of errands. I thought it was so nice when my friends would call or text saying they were at the store and were wondering if I needed anything. Even having a friend pick up simple milk or eggs for you can be a huge help!
  2. Provide reading materials: Breastfeeding a new baby is a tough job. Hours and hours are spent sitting down to nurse or pump. Give the new mom in your life the gift of a good distraction by providing fun books or magazines to read while she’s nursing. And if you don’t want to choose for her, get her a gift card so she can buy her own!
  3. Stock up on snacks: If you’re wondering what to bring a new mom, food is always a good option. I remember my friends would bring over healthy granola bars, dried fruits, and even fun foods like frozen pizza or cookies to help keep me energized and feeling satisfied. It is so hard to find the time to whip up fancy snacks or meals as a new mom, so these ready to eat foods were the perfect gift!
  4. Offer to help around the house: I was so appreciative of friends and family who took the time out of their day to help with little things around the house. When my husband had to work, it could get pretty lonely in the house without adult contact. It was nice to have someone to talk to (and who could talk back!) while I ran errands around the house like folding laundry or whipping up dinner.
  5. Help her get outside: It can be quite monotonous stuck inside all day with a screaming baby. Help relieve some of her cabin fever by offering to help get her and her family out and about. This can be as easy as just offering to dress her other children (if she has them) and pack some on the go snacks. Everyone needs an extra hand once in awhile with a stroller, offer to take it off her hands for a bit when going for a walk or even running errands.
  6. Babysit her (other) kids: Take some of the stress off her hands by offering to take care of her other children for a day. Everyone will be happier. The new mom in your life can focus on meeting her new infant’s needs and the other, older kids will have free time to laugh and play at their leisure in a different house, rather than having to patiently wait out another diaper changing session or nursing stint. I remember when my fifth child, Marielle, was born, it was always a blessing when someone offered to take the four older ones out of the house. Made for some good quality one-on-one time with my little angel, too.
  7. Be available: Whether you’re next door or across town, reassure your friend that she can count on you for anything that comes your way. It was so reassuring knowing that my friends and family were just a phone call away and could get to my place even in the wee hours of the morning if an emergency presented itself.
  8. Rock-a-bye Baby: As much as you love your little one, sometimes it feels so good to get your baby off your hands (literally) for even a little bit. I had wonderful friends who would come over and offer to rock the baby for a bit while I took a (much-needed) hot shower or took a (much-needed) nap. You’ll feel rejuvenated and excited when you see your new baby again!
  9. Keep Clean: Offer to help clean around the house while she handles the newborn. Or, pay for a one-time cleaning by a reputable home cleaning service. She will be eternally grateful! Also, speaking of cleaning, don’t forget to thoroughly wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before holding the baby.
  10. Ask: When in doubt of what the new mother needs, ask her. Maybe she’s craving a certain food from the store or just needs someone to listen to while she vents. No act of kindness is too small when it comes to helping out a new mom and you will be so appreciated!

Motherhood - Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.Do you have any rules for visiting a new mom that you would like to share? Comment below with yours!