10 Ways to Curb an iPhone Addiction

Hello, moms and dads! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to cut back on my addiction to my iPhone, especially during the evening. If, like me, you find yourself spending too much time staring at that small rectangular box, then listen up! Here are 10 tips on breaking your iPhone addiction.
10 Ways to Curb an iPhone Addiction

Quitting Your Smartphone Addiction

  1. Texting and Driving: We all know it’s dangerous, and there are countless rules about cell phone use while driving. To keep from getting tempted to check your phone while driving, keep your phone in hard-to-reach spots, like behind the driver’s seat in a purse. Nothing on your phone can be as important as your own safety while on the road.
  2. Delete useless apps: Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your phone applications whenever you’re bored? Delete any apps that might be cluttering your phone and your life, including games. This also helps improve useful storage and battery life on your phone!
  3. Delete social media from your phone: I know, sounds drastic right? However, you’ll still be able to access these from your phone’s internet browser and having to physically type in the URL will keep you from mindlessly scrolling through your friend’s Facebook pictures for hours.
    10 Ways to Curb an iPhone Addiction
  4. Take a deep breath: Before you reach for your phone out of habit or boredom, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think to yourself…do I really need to look at my phone right now? Is it pressing? Is it taking me away from my family/other responsibilities? If you answer these truthfully, chances are you’ll realize that your phone is not the most important thing right now and you’ll move on to another activity.
  5. Don’t use your phone as an alarm clock: Getting yourself a good ol’ fashioned alarm clock will prevent the daily morning check of all of your messages and notifications. How many times am I guilty of checking these before my feet even hit the rug? Too many to count. But using a clock has already decreased my morning time by a good chunk!
  6. Wait until work: Why stress yourself out more by checking your work email even before stepping your feet into the office? Staying off your phone also gives you more time for those precious moments with the family before the kids run off to school.
  7. Set boundaries: Instead of giving yourself the impossible task of sticking to the rule, “Use your phone less”, give yourself specific instructions to follow. For instance, tell yourself that you won’t use your phone in the bathroom or at the dinner table. Baby steps!
  8. Track your usage: There are several apps that you can buy for your phone whose job is in managing phone usage. These apps like Moments, Checky, or RescueTime for Android work behind the scenes to track how much time you’re using your phone from day to day. Just another reminder before constantly checking in!
  9. Wear a watch: This one may seem silly, but using a watch instead of checking the time on your phone will prevent distractions from notifications each time you look at it. Sometimes it’s better to go old fashioned! Also, they can be very stylish and an awesome accessory for any outfit.
  10. Keep your bedroom tech-free: My last tip for mindful mobile use is to charge your phone outside of your bedroom at night (again going along with the old-fashioned alarm clock tip). Keep it turned off and charging in another room so you won’t be tempted to check into the wee hours of the morning. This leaves your bedroom free for other, more important things, like sleep.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips on breaking your smartphone addiction! Also check out one of my posts here on what to do if you’ve lost a phone. Any more tips? Share below!

Happy New Year all!