10 Fun Barbecue Foods to Make With Your Kids

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Summer is finally here! And you know what that means? Barbecue season! I love cooking outdoors with my family when the weather finally gets warmer. It’s an amazing way to spend quality-time with your kiddies and spouse, all while enjoying some delicious food.
10 Fun Barbecue Foods to Make With Your Kids
In order to get your kids more involved, I’ve put together a list of barbecue ideas for kid-friendly foods they will love!

10 Barbecue Foods for Kids

  1. Veggie-packed burgers: Do your kids love burgers but hate eating their vegetables? Give them the best of both worlds with these hamburgers packed with healthy veggies! They’ll never notice the difference.
    Veggie-packed burgers
  2. Pizza burgers: Combine their two favorite foods into one glorious burger this barbecue season. They’ll be begging for more!
    Pizza burgers
  3. Super Moist Grilled Barbecue Chicken: Your whole family will gobble these delicious chicken pieces up. With “Super Moist” in the name, you know they’ll be good!
  4. BBQ Beef Skewers: Forget the buns! These delicious skewers will be a highlight to any bbq and your kids will be going for seconds. Just be careful with the pointy skewers around young children!
    Scrumptious Beef Skewers
  5. Peachy Turkey Burger: You may be thinking…”peaches and turkey?” You never know until you try, right? These could be a great (and healthier!) way to spruce up your barbecue.
  6. Fresh fruit salad: This one is always a hit at any summer party. A cool, refreshing (and guilt-free!) snack. Your kids will love the mix of colors and bursting fruit freshness.
    Fresh fruit salad
  7. Pasta Salad: The best part about pasta salad is that you can customize it for yourself and your family, and it provides fresh veggies for your kids to eat!
    Pasta Salad
  8. BBQ Bananas: Another one that looks strange but tastes great! Add some vanilla ice cream for a super cool treat your kids will enjoy. For added fun, let your kids decorate the banana split to their liking with chocolate chips, sprinkles, and of course, a cherry on top!
    BBQ Bananas
  9. Strawberry Nutella Milkshake: Beat the heat and cool off on those hot summer afternoons with this delicious sweet treat your kids will love!
  10. Fudge Bars: These chocolate-y desserts are perfect for the end of any summer party. Just get the molds, make the batter, and freeze!
I hope you’ve enjoyed these fun food for kids ideas! What other ideas do you have for family food this summer? Comment below!