Why Low Sugar During Pregnancy Matters…

Nowadays doctors are advising everyone to keep their sugar consumption low.  This applies even more so to pregnant women.  Sugar levels during pregnancy are one of the many aspects of your pregnancy health that your doctor will be monitoring.  This primarily has to do with gestational diabetes during pregnancy, which affects 4% of pregnant women and can result in a greater likelihood of preeclampsia or of diabetes later in life.

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Check with your doctor for more details.  I know mine went over the issue of  sugar with me with each pregnancy, and on two occasions I was asked to repeat a glucose blood sugar test to make sure my sugar levels were not too high.  I remember being so surprised because I don’t tend to eat too much sugar!  Or so I thought.

 Did you cut your sugar intake while pregnant?  Hard to do when you have a major sweet tooth, right? Comment below!

My experience led me to want to do this vlog because I think a lot of us don’t realize how much sugar we actually are consuming.  According to one recent study, Americans are eating too much sugar because they 32 teaspoonfuls of added sugar daily, whereas they should be eating no more than 12.  When you are pregnant, this sugar consumption really matters.

In this vlog I explain why sugar really is NOT a good food for pregnant women and I try to give some concrete guidelines for sugar as part of a pregnancy diet.