What Pregnancy Vitamins Do I Need?

Hi everyone and happy Monday… I’m a bit behind today so just getting today’s blog out now!  Monday morning for me always comes with that scrambling feeling … anyone else suffer from this?

Today I’m answering a question from an expecting mom who recently wrote in to the site asking what vitamins for pregnancy she needs to be taking.  Great question!

What Pregnancy Vitamins Do I Need?

First of all, congratulations!  So excited you’re pregnant and happy that you wrote in.

In this vlog, I run through what prenatal vitamins — which are recommended during pregnancy — contain! In addition to folic acid, calcium, and iron, there are a host of other essential vitamins  you’ll need.  Your doctor will surely have recommendations as to what brand of prenatal vitamin you should go for so talk to him in detail about this right away.

Although you’ll likely be taking a prenatal vitamin, don’t forget that your nutrition during pregnancy is key.  We’ve run a whole series here on the building blocks of a good pregnancy diet so check those out as well.

Stay healthy, feel good and hope to see you back this week on CloudMom!

xo Melissa