Our Baby Names and Their Meanings

HI everybody!  A couple moms have written in asking how we went about choosing baby names for our five children. Today’s vlog explains all of our kids names and the beloved members of our family for whom our babies were named.  For us, with each and every baby, we were still deciding what to name our baby until our very last minutes in the hospital!  Stressful.

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Our Baby Names

Naming our babies was challenging for us because we were trying to strike a balance between the unique and special names we liked and honoring the members of our family we loved.  I think a lot of couples go through this.  Sometimes family pressure when it comes to naming your baby can really get to parents.

What advice would you give on how to name your baby?  Share below!

Having gone through this five times, I think it’s important for new moms and dads to remember that this is YOUR baby and you are picking a baby name that has special meaning for you, not for someone else who you are trying to please.  That said, you can try to find ways to honor family members and name your baby a name you love.

This is pretty much what we decided to do.  Most of my children have a different first name that we fell in love with, paired with a more traditional family name belonging to beloved family members. Then, their names begin with initials from these family members.  For example, my first son Hedley is named for his beloved grandfather (Marc’s Dad) Herbert, and his second name is James, which was my grandfather Jack’s (my Dad’s Dad) middle name, and my father’s middle name.

Watch my vlog for our other baby names and more info on how we went about picking these baby names.

What name did you pick for your baby and how did you choose it?