25 Ways To Make Morning Sickness Walk the Plank

Hello everyone. Most of us were pretty excited to get pregnant, but I am hard pressed to find a single, solitary woman who liked morning sickness. I remember stuffing bagels down my throat and just praying that the nausea would end.  Up today is a great post from Heather Taylor from Incredible Infant.com. Read on for 25 practical ways to combat morning sickness. Expecting moms: you’re welcome!25 Ways To Make Morning Sickness Walk the Plank

Being pregnant is one of the most awe-inspiring moments of being female.

Life is happening. Inside you.

Once the shock wears off, a stunning reality hits: you’re leaving the comforts of the coasts and moving towards deeper unknown waters.

Your body is preparing for a nine-month journey across the Great Expanse and over to the Peaks of Parenthood.

If only there wasn’t this blasted seasickness!

If only you didn’t feel like heaving over the edge every 10 minutes!

Then you could enjoy the warm waters, orange-dipped sunsets, and other tiny miracles coming along for the journey!

After all, you expected to be “glowing” and “radiant”. Not wretched, seasick and hurling.

Today I want to offer 25 tips for pregnant women to help march morning sickness right off the plank, settle the stormy seas in your stomach, and help you see the beautiful mountains of parenting on the other side.

Batten down the hatches. Here we go…

  1. Don’t take your prenatal vitamin on an empty stomach.
  1. Don’t have an empty stomach. Ever. (Eat small meals throughout the day – set your phone for an every 2-3 hour reminder!)
  1. Chew gum. The extra saliva can help keep stomach acid satisfied.
  1. Freeze Gatorade in ice cube trays to suck on, blend into a crunchy icee, or put in your water. (Bonus: it will replenish electrolytes!)
  1. Suck on some Preggie Pops. (They work.)
  1. Choose ginger as a chewy snack – any ginger candy (or crystalized ginger) would work. A study in the Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology suggested that ginger may reduce vomiting in 63 percent of pregnant women.
  1. When you feel nauseous, cut open a lemon and smell the citrus. Then cut up slices and put them in your water.
  1. Start analyzing your day for non-food triggers. Food smells are definitely not the only causes of nausea. Things like a room that’s too warm and stuffy, certain perfumes, car rides, etc. can all trigger an upset stomach in pregnant women.
  1. Sip comforting raspberry leaf tea in the morning.
  1. Pour yourself a ginger ale to drink at mealtimes.
  1. Boost your Vitamin B6 or B Complex with supplements. (Speaking of pregnancy vitamins – make sure you’re covering your nutritional bases!)
  1. Hydration is an expectant mother’s best friend.
  1. Keep a stash of peppermint candies in your purse to suck on throughout the day.
  1. Give acupressure a try with these non-puncturing wrist bands.
  1. For a quick stomach-settler, mix 1 Tbs apple cider vinegar with 8 oz of water and a Tablespoon of honey.
  1. Keep a sleeve of Saltines near your nightstand. Pop in a cracker or two before you get out of bed, to avoid upsetting your stomach when you rise.
  1. Try water aerobics or take a walk. Getting some exercise during pregnancy and getting out of the house can help clear your system!
  1. If you do essential oils, use peppermint, nutmeg, or wild orange.
  1. Drink a cup of warm/hot water first thing in the morning before you get up and move around. Wait about 10-20 minutes, and then start your day. (Don’t be rushed to get out of bed!)
  1. When you feel nausea coming on, breathe through your nose slowly. (This is a great tip if you have trouble with your gag reflux while brushing your teeth.)
  1. Try to eat softer foods like applesauce or soup…just in case. They won’t be quite as painful coming up.
  1. Avoid taking your prenatal vitamin first thing in the morning, if that’s your sickest time. Instead, take it at lunch or late afternoon with a few crackers.
  1. Treat yourself to an Italian ice or frozen lemonade. This recipe for a strawberry/peach ice pop is a Vitamin A powerhouse!
  1. Keep your blood sugar stable by sipping on apple juice during nighttime wakeups.
  1. Avoid spicy, fried, and fatty foods. Also try to limit your caffeine.

Hopefully these 25 morning sickness remedies will give you a lifeline and open up the sails towards warmer calmer waters. I do have, however, one more ace up my sleeve. Sailing is fine, but wouldn’t you rather race towards those calm waters?

Here’s a motor for this recovery boat: Commiserate with a friend.

Sometimes all it takes to get through something is to know that someone else has gotten through it too.

Why not start here in the comments? Have you used any of these remedies before? Did they work?

Or, if you’re in the throws of digestional agony, share what you are going to try next.

Either way, feel confident in this: This stage of pregnancy will pass.   You’re not going to be pregnant forever. Picture yourself a year from now, cuddling your glorious prize. Hang in there, sister. There’s dry land ahead.



Heather Taylor is the Chief Encouragement Officer at IncredibleInfant.com. As the self-proclaimed Captain Quirk of the Baby Universe, she offers hope and humor for all kinds of baby-related adventures: from childbirth to sleep training.

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