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    I love the design of that sports bra, looks so comfy!


    It is very comfy and looks stylish, the best of both worlds!


    I’ve never heard of this brand, but I love their stuff!


    I’m glad you got to check them out, good luck in the giveaway 🙂


    I LOVE their clothing! Great designs and so stylish.

    Sue Barney

    That looks like a fantastic spot for a workout!


    You look fantastic!


    Thanks so much!

    Megan Sanchez

    I would love to do yoga on the beach in these amazing clothes! I’m just getting back into a workout routine after baby. It’s a lot harder the second time around!


    I can definitely relate, Megan. Some amazing workout gear is a great motivation! Best of luck to you!


    Working out is so much nicer in appropriate clothing. This looks comfy and pretty.


    Absolutely, and pretty workout clothes serve as a great incentive to get dressed and get going!


    What a great giveaway! They have some really cute items. I love all their prints.


    Good luck! Thank you for reading 🙂

    Kay Saunders

    This is some cute stuff!!


    I agree! xo

    Amber Lee Kolb

    This is such a wonderful giveaway, thank you!! I have Arnold-Chiari brain malformation and I had brain and spine surgery last year. It would be wonderful to win this as I continue on my weight loss journey/recovery!


    Thank you for reading, Amber! Best of luck on your recovery and journey!! xo


    You look great! Thanks for introducing me to Onzie. I love their Daydream print.


    Thank you! Such a fun print 🙂

    Linda Meranda

    Great giveaway to look great while working out


    I know it makes a big difference for me! Good luck xo

    Brenda M

    Nice clothing neat designs

    Breanna Pollard

    Thank you for the giveaway! You look fantastic.


    Thank you so much! xo

    Michelle M Weaver

    Would love some new workout clothes!

    Philip Schilling

    My wife would love it if I won this for her. 🙂


    Good luck, Philip!


    I Love Yoga!

    Betsy R Barnes

    Your workout photos by the beach looks so relaxing and peaceful.


    Looks great!


    I really love the top!


    Thank you! xo

    Lisa Coomer Queen

    This looks like nice yoga clothes.


    They are amazing!! Best of luck in the giveaway 🙂

    Charles-Linda Bradshaw

    I would love to have this for myself.


    Best of luck, thanks so much for reading!


    I love yoga clothes, but have never tried this brand. It looks like they have so great items.


    Yes they do! Fingers crossed for you xo


    My favorite clothes not only to workout in but to wear around the house or even while traveling to go to breakfast in a hotel

    Angela saver

    I would love this for my daughter & I! She would be really excited too!

    Sherry Conrad

    I so miss the beach – great pics. And some really nice clothes, I always feel better working out when I have cute clothes.


    Me too!

    Colleen Boudreau

    Thank you! 🙂

    Sarah Hayes

    i love these pieces. Id love to have nicer things to work out in


    I make a list of things to do each year. For next year’s list “16 things to do in 2016” I want to practice yoga at least once a week. I’ve always been intimidated to try yoga but I am definitely going to do it! If I can rappel 30 stories down a building, jump out of a plane, learn to fly a plane, and run a 5K I can do yoga!


    Wow! A great list. And yes you can! I hope you’ll find it as refreshing and challenging as I do 🙂


    I want to try to go to the gym in 2016, I have lost quite a bit of weight and I want to keep going!


    You can do it! 🙂

    Sharon Braswell

    You are the perfect model for this workout gear, because you look great! Thank you!


    Thanks so much, Sharon! I appreciate it 🙂

    Richard Hicks

    They have some nice workout stuff

    joey simmonds

    The pants you have on look like a lot better quality than most I have seen from other companies.


    Love their pieces


    They have a great selection of clothes.