Track your Baby's Development


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    Even though I have no kids jus yet, I love watching your videos on how to parent a baby, cuz it gives me fully information jus before I get pregnant. So now that I’m old enough to understand, I think I’m ready to be a brand new mom, and praying to God to bless me with one, but not rushing it. I think I’ll be an excellent mother, and all the neighbors will see me taking great care of my baby.

    Melissa Lawrence

    I bet you will be a wonderful mother! xo


    I found your website by watching The Mom’sView, I am a new mother and have found your advice and tips very useful. I just wanted to say thank for you spending the time to create your content. Wishing you and your Family Happy Holidays!

    Melissa Lawrence

    thank you so so much and happy holidays!! best of luck with your new baby!